Bachelor Nation cringing over most uncomfortable first kiss ever

first time, Played by two women, and, who are ready to date the same group of men. Surprisingly, though, that wasn’t the most uncomfortable part of Monday night’s premiere. The moment I can’t stop talking about was actually the first kiss of the season between Gabby and Mario Vassal.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to taunt Gabby and Mario’s kiss, calling it the “worst kiss” they’ve ever seen with the comments:

And they were even more surprised when Gabby gave Mario her first impression of what they thought was a super awkward kiss. However, Gabby had no problem locking lips with Mario. In fact, she thought he was a great kisser, as she shared, “I was really excited to talk to Mario. He’s a great kisser. He’s giving me butterflies.”

Gabby also shared, “These first few guys are really amazing. It’s really surreal to know they’re here for me. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. But I want to know if Rachel is kissing.” Is, if they’re good, if they’re bad. I guess it’s not weird. I mean, she’s my friend.”

On the other hand, Rachel’s first kiss with Tino Franco was deemed acceptable by Bachelor Nation, even though her name is the same as her father’s name, Tony.

if you . missed the last season of the Bachelor, Rachel and Gabby became best friends during Clayton Eckard’s season when he finally fell in love with all three women., Hopefully Rachel and Gabby’s friendship gets them through a very complicated and convoluted season as the two women begin to fall in love, and kiss, possibly the same men over the next few weeks.

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