Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Is Dating Paige Lorenze: Details

Tyler Cameron Is Dating Peggy Lorenz 1 Year After Camilla Center Split: They're Keeping It On The 'Down Low'

Tyler Cameron and Page Lorenz. Shutterstock; Courtesy of Paige Lorenze / Instagram

A rose worthy connection! almost a year later Tyler Cameron And Camilla Center went their separate ways, he moved on Paige Lorenz,

“They’re dating. It’s still new,” reveals a source. us weekly Of Bachelorette Alum, 29, and Model, 24. “They’re keeping it down-and-down.”

The Florida native gained fame as a Hannah BrownThe last two lovers of season 15 The Bachelorette, After the 27-year-old Brown, the 2019 finale sent Cameron home to pursue his relationship with the now-ex Jade WyattThe pair sparked speculations of a reunion after being together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

,[After the show, Hannah and I] Saw each other in LA, where yes, I slept at Hannah’s house, but we didn’t sleep together. We weren’t in a relationship at the time, and we certainly weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Two days later, I was spotted in New York City on a date with a different girl,” Cameron wrote in his July 2021 you deserve better Memoirs, Referring to Ex-Girlfriend Gigi Hadido, “It was a big mistake on my part. Not because I shouldn’t have been dating, because I was very clear with Hannah that the way the show ended, I needed some time and space to figure things out… . I also called Hannah in the afternoon of the same day I arrived in New York and told her again that I thought we both deserved to date other people. But I still put Hannah in a tough, difficult position Is.”

After the former contractor’s whirlwind romance with 26-year-old Hadid, he moved on with 23-year-old Kendra. However, the couple parted ways after being together for about eight months.

“Things were going well until things were going well,” an insider said. We in August 2021. “The friends were surprised that things ended so quickly.”

Cameron has since been candid about changing her attitude towards dating after their public breakup.

“slow down! [On] The BacheloretteYou grow in that relationship so fast, like, you have to. And I think that’s what inspired me and my other relationships to grow so fast and it’s okay to slow down and breathe,” real dirty dancing the alum specifically said We in February. ,[That’s] That’s something I have to work on and do better. But yeah, be sure to slow down.”

While Cameron joked at the time that there are “no love life updates” here, in addition to having a “good time” with his dog, he was open to pursuing future connections.

“If it comes, it comes. This is how it hit me last time,” the reality TV star told We. “That’s how I like it to be. … I’m in no rush right now. I’m so busy, so focused and excited for it [year] – It’s going to be a big year. I have a feeling, it’s going to be good.”

Lorenz, for his part, was linked to the last morgan wallen before their February split. We It was confirmed at the time that the founder of Daily Girl Summer — who had previously dated army hammer – Started the breakup.

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