Best Kate Middleton Wimbledon Pictures Over the Years

Kate Middleton at Wimbledon

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Wimbledon is happening right now, and if that literally means nothing to you, just know that it’s the extremely posh tennis tournament in England that the royal family simply can’t get over. Besides Royal Ascot (which is basically an excuse to wear giant hats), Wimbledon is the favorite sporting event of Queen Elizabeth II and her inner circle. They appear every year, and most recently Kate Middleton has landed a starring role as the patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club – meaning she gets to wear a fancy little bow to matches.

thanks for being a fan And A mentor, Kate makes several appearances at the tournament – usually with her husband Prince William, although she has also been known to attend with her sister Pippa Middleton and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle (they were two before Meghan left). Went to the bar together) California with Prince Harry. And while most people prefer to watch tennis and what not at Wimbledon, there are celebrities to see. Too An official sporting event—especially when the celebs are also royals. And since Kate knows there’s a super big spotlight on her at Wimbledon, she dresses 100 percent for the occasion.

Check out all the Wimbledon outfits Kate has worn over the years – including the day she appeared on the DL at Wimbledon as Prince William’s girlfriend, not the future Queen of England (wife) in the form of.

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Back when she was only Prince William’s girlfriend and we weren’t paying attention to every item in her wardrobe (except, we were).

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About two years before Kate and Wills’ engagement, she appeared at Wimbledon in true Middle-Age style, wearing a cardigan over her dress.

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Kate and William’s first match as a married couple! This is also when she really rocked her Wimbledon look. You can’t see much of her outfit here, but Kate is wearing Temperally London. Meanwhile, William appears to be wearing out his personal James Bond fantasies!

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enamored With Kate’s knitted sailor dress, which is from Alexander McQueen (the designer of her wedding gown).

5 21. of


The way I would spill ketchup, mustard, and obviously a whole hot dog on this all-white look…

6 21. of


This is what the flight attendant is giving, and I don’t hate it!

7 21. of


This eyelet Zimmerman dress is one of Kate’s best looks ever.

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What does the interior of a hotel lobby look like in 1995? Yes. Would I still wear it if Kate told me? Besides that, yes.

9 21. of


red! Is! His! color! (Plus this dress is by LK Bennett in case you were wondering for future purchase purposes.)

10 21. of


The year was 2016, so naturally Kate was in her color-blocking era.

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Another Wimbledon, another flawless Alexander McQueen moment.

12 21. of


Kate loves some polka dots herself, and it’s far from the only time she wore the print to Wimbledon, so stay tuned.

13 21. of


I’m pretty sure I have a version of this costume from Gap Kids as well.

14 21. of


It was Kate and Meghan Markle’s first Wimbledon together, and Kate went with her trusty fave pattern.

15 21. of


This is called main character energy.

16 21. of


Jaunty Sailor Kate is my favorite Kate.

18 21. of


Who cares about the dress, Kate’s hair is awesome.

19 21. of


After taking a break during 2020 due to obvious pandemic-related reasons, Kate made her triumphant return to Wimbledon wearing what else but polka dots.

20 21. of


The only other person who can pull off this color is Kermit.

21 21. of


Kate spent her time at Wimbledon in 2021 in a baby pink belted dress by Beulah London paired with a matching pink mask.

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