Beyoncé Called Out ‘Austin Powers’ Poster for Making Her Too Skinny, Marketing Fixed It: ‘It’s Not Me’

Beyoncé Called Out ‘Austin Powers’ Poster for Making Her Too Skinny, Marketing Fixed It: ‘It’s Not Me’

Vulture marked the 20th anniversary of “Austin Powers in Goldmember” with an oral history dedicated to Beyoncé’s role in the blockbuster comedy as Foxy Cleopatra. One of the biggest revelations comes courtesy of the film’s makeup artist, Kate Bisco, who revealed that Beyoncé called on the marketing team to change her appearance on one of the film’s posters. Beyoncé thought the poster made her too skinny, so the marketing team did a one-sheet redo.

“While we were shooting, someone brought a poster for him that would promote the film,” Bisco said. “He showed it to her, like, ‘Do you like this?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘What’s the matter?’ And she says, ‘You made me very skinny. That’s not me.’ Then they shaped this hourglass. And he said, ‘Okay, we’ll fix that.'”

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Brisco continued, “She walked over to do the scene, and I looked at her and smiled, like, ‘Is this the first time you’ve ever asked an actress to enlarge her body?’ He was like, ‘Yeah. This is going to cost me thousands of dollars, but I’m going to do it.'”

“Goldmember” producer John Lyons said Beyoncé had a “really tough physical regimen and diet” to get in shape for the film. The singer followed a 1,200-calorie-per-day diet to play Foxy.

,[Beyoncé’s team was] Both the music business and Hollywood are often well aware of how young, beautiful women should look and were smart about working those ideas to their end,” Lyons said.

On the first day Beyoncé showed the film, the head of the children’s department, Candy Walken, said the crew was stunned. “We all just stood there and our mouths were wide open,” she said. “She turned out to be this incredible light. She was 19 and had such command over her when she stepped onto this stage. None of us really knew why they chose her for this character, and then we Understand. “

To read the oral history in its entirety, visit Vulture’s website.

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