Billie Eilish celebrates success

Billie Eilish celebrates 1 year anniversary of Happier Than Ever

Billie Eilish celebrates success

Billie Eilish celebrated the success of “Happier Than Ever” a year after its release. (Photo: Brian Rothmüller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Happier than ever.

The 20-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday to share a message to fans. Speaking from her car, the seven-time Grammy winner took a moment to thank the people who made it happier than ever – Her sophomore album, which was released a year earlier – a huge success.

“I love you all so much and this past year has been great in so many good and bad ways,” she said in an earlier video posted on Instagram Live. “I’m so grateful for all of you, and the life I have and the people who know me, and I’m so grateful for working with my brother and making this album together. It was such an amazing process. … actually making the album was like some of my favorite memories in my life. I had such a great time. We laughed a lot and it’s so touching.”

She said she was “really grateful” that the album, which features songs such as “Male Fantasy” and “I Didn’t Change My Number”, was “out in the world”.

“I love you so much,” she added of her endorsements, which she described as “more than” her “fans.” “And I’m really grateful for you and I’m grateful for life and I’m grateful for experiences and bad things and good things and it all leads where we go or whatever the f**k, so Yes, love you. Very much.”

The debut artist ended her message with a shout out to her brother and producer Phineas, who turned 25 on the album’s anniversary day, after releasing the single “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud.

so much love for eilish happier than everWhich was nominated for seven Grammys. “I just love this album. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made.”

Earlier this month, titled “TV” and “The 30th”. “TV” is especially topical, as it features lyrics such as, “The internet’s wild watching movie stars are on trial / While they’re reversing Roe v. Wade.”

As such, Eilish has yet to announce details about an upcoming third album.

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