‘Bluey’ Season 3 is finally coming to Disney+

Blue Season 3 is coming to Disney+ in August.  (Photo: Courtesy of BBC Studios)

bluey Season 3 is coming to Disney+ in August. (Photo: Courtesy of BBC Studios)

If you spent the first two seasons of Pandemic watching bluey On an endless loop – a loop in which you greet each new day with a heartfelt “Good morning, good morning everyone, hey!” – You want to take a marker and a calendar and draw a big circle around August 10th. Folks, this is the day the Australian Blue Heeler and his family will be back streaming the third season on Disney+.

It’s been a long time coming for American fans of the Australian animated series, who haven’t gotten new episodes since Season 2 was released in the States in May 2021. The first batch of 52 new episodes of Season 3 premiered in Australia last September, but has until now been unavailable to stream in the US.

According to an announcement from BBC Studios, which commissioned the cartoon with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Season 3 will be split into two sections. On August 10, 25 7-minute episodes will air on Disney+, and the second part will arrive at a later date. Episodes will also air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior later in the year.

So, what are Blue, Bingo, Chili’s and Bandit doing? BBC Studios takes a fresh look at “new friends and places,” “related themes like making Dad a birthday breakfast, keeping promises, and getting his own bedroom,” and games like the musical Statue and Pass the Parcel. (If the suspense is killing you, Wikipedia has a cheat sheet of episode descriptions.)

Listen closely for celebrity voice cameos, too. Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Natalie Portman all have small roles in the Emmy-winning series, which will also launch a live touring show this November.

And because you never know when, say, a trip to pick up Chinese takeout will lead you to the Kleenex, expect some emotional storytelling and life lessons in the mix. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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