Breaking Down the ‘Boo Bitch’ Ending: Is Erika Really Dead?

*sPOILERS FOR boo, bitch below!*

Even if you’ve only seen the trailer for Netflix’s latest mini-series, boo, bitchYou already know one thing: Erica Wu is dead but somehow still on Earth. That’s because he has some ~unfinished business~ to complete before he can officially go the other way. But you must be thinking that how did Erica die? This is where things get complicated, especially as you watch more episodes of the show. What do we know about Erica Wu’s death? The truth may surprise you.

Here’s Everything We Know About How Lana Condor’s Character Erica Wu Died boo, bitch,

How did Erica die? boo, bitch,

As we learn in Episode 1, Erica’s body is under a moose. We learn later that it was caused by a car accident, but everything quickly changes at the end of episode 6 when it is revealed that Erica is in fact No dead; It’s Gia (played by Zoe Margaret Colletti) who died on the night of the party and whose body they found.

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Kevin EstradaNetflix

Wait, Erica isn’t dead??

No. Gia explains everything in episode 7 when Erica finds out who really is under the moose. On their way back home from a party, a car was going down the highway and was about to crash into the moose in front of them. Gia pushes Erica out of the way, knocking herself out, but also dying in the process when Moose hits her.

Before she can push Gia, Erica takes her BFF’s necklace and changes their shoes to her ghost’s to make it look like Erica was dead. He then lied to Erica, saying that she was the one who died because she wanted to live her life to the fullest before “passing away”.

If Erica isn’t dead, what is Jia doing?

Apart from helping her friend, Jiya is also realizing that she cannot move forward without completing her unfinished business. She can still send text messages and even write stuff in the real world, so she starts pulling strings to stop anyone from asking why she’s missing out yet.

Erica later learns that no one else can see Gia except her and Gavin. Erica learns that Gia’s unfinished part is about to be promised with Gavin, and the two try to persuade her to attend, though they can’t find her in time. They still make it through anyway, with Gavin later revealing that he went back to see her again and realized her dress was missing.

After the prom king and queen announce, Erica jumps on stage and reminds everyone about Gia and explains that none of them noticed she was dead this whole time. She asks that they honor her memory by making her an honorary prom queen. Gia is finally able to move on after she is finally known among her classmates and everyone receives a text with a picture of her as she walks away.

Boo, Bitch L to R Zoe Margaret Coletti as Gia, Connor Husting as Jake W in episode 104 of Boo, Bitch CR Eric WokenNetflix © 2022

Eric WoakeNetflix

So is Jia dead now?

Yes, with her UFB officially coming to an end, Jia is finally able to move on. But at least everyone knows who he is now! Unfortunately, this is only a miniseries so we won’t see what happens to Erica and everyone else. But wow, what a plot twist!

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