Chris Cuomo Says He ‘Lost a Sense of Purpose’ After CNN Firing, Discusses Brother Andrew’s ‘Struggle’ After Sexual Harassment Investigation

Chris Cuomo Says He ‘Lost a Sense of Purpose’ After CNN Firing, Discusses Brother Andrew’s ‘Struggle’ After Sexual Harassment Investigation

During an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night, Chris Cuomo discussed his firing from CNN and gave an update on his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who died last year after a sexual assault investigation. had resigned from the post.

“I think I’ve lost that sense of purpose for a while, because of how things ended,” Cuomo said when Maher asked him if he remembered CNN, where he once spoke to the station’s best friend. Hosted the most watched show. When Maher asked him if he was happy, Cuomo replied that “happy” “probably isn’t the right word.”

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Cuomo came on “Real Time” to promote his new podcast, “The Chris Cuomo Project.” He also announced Tuesday that he is joining NewsNation this fall, marking his return to TV news after exiting CNN late last year. Cuomo’s departure from CNN follows an investigation into allegations of sexual assault against his brother, the former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed that the younger Cuomo had an active hand in mentoring his brother during the situation.

During the interview, Cuomo explicitly stated that he was advising his brother, adding: “As I told you all on TV, it’s my brother, obviously I’m not being objective. Obviously, I I’m going to help him.”

Asked how his brother was doing after his resignation, Cuomo said he had “been in a tizzy.”

“I have to say, ‘Oh, that’s great!’ But that will be what we call bullshit,” he said. “It has been tough, and you learn a lot about the people in your life when you watch them struggle. It’s true, you learn who your friends are when you struggle. I’ve always known who my friends are, I’ve had them for a very long time. But he has been in a struggle, and I have seen it. And I’m proud of how he’s handling himself. It’s his job to tell his own story and figure out what he wants his future to be, but he’s done a lot and he’s doing well.”

CNN fired Cuomo for violating his journalism standards. But when Maher remarked that the time slot for “Cumo Prime Time” has plummeted in ratings since Cuomo’s departure, the former broadcaster claimed it did not make him happy.

“It’s a great organization and there are great people out there. I don’t do that schadenfreude work where I like to see that things are not going well,” he said. “To an extent that is true, I think the whole atmosphere Right now the numbers are down. But I wish good things for the people there. I don’t like how it ended, I had a great team that I didn’t get to say goodbye to. I just want to move on, that’s what I really want.”

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