Chris Hemsworth shares adorable photos with his daughter on ‘Thor’ set 11 years apart

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 27: Chris Hemsworth attends the Sydney premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder at the Hoyts Entertainment Quarter on June 27, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Thor: Love and Thunder Star Chris Hemsworth posted a sweet tribute to his daughter India Rose on Instagram. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Chris Hemsworth Has a Favorite Superhero — and It’s Not Thor!

on Monday, Thor: Love and Thunder The 38-year-old star posted a sweet tribute to her 10-year-old daughter India Rose, lovingly referring to her as her “favourite superhero”.

“Here are two pictures of me and my daughter,” he captioned the pair of photos. “One was the first time she was on set 11 years ago, the second is the most recent Thor: Love and Thunder. He’s my favorite superhero.”

In the first picture, baby India is seen sitting next to her superhero dad on the sets of the Marvel film – as is the famous hammer of Thor next to her. In the second picture, the father-daughter duo is seen hugging during a moment in the city on the sets of the latest iteration of the franchise.

In addition to India, Hemsworth is also a proud father to twin boys Sasha and Tristan, 8, all of whom he shares with his wife, Elsa Pataky.

As it turns out, being the daughter of a famous superhero has its benefits.

As Hemsworth said in a recent interview, two of their children appear in the latest film—including India, who “plays the character of Love” while one of her sons portrays a young Thor. And they weren’t alone. Director Taika Waititi and co-stars Christian Bale and Natalie Portman brought their kids along for the ride, too.

“It’s really cool. They really wanted to be in it,” he explained. “And there were Taika’s kids, Bale had kids, Natalie had kids. She’s also my daughter, she plays Luv. And you know, it was kind of a lonely, fun family experience.” I don’t want them to be child actors and actors anymore. It was just a special kind of experience that we all had and they loved it, they had a great time.”

Hemsworth opened up in a 2017 interview People of his unique parenting style, explaining that he never wants his children to “feel like they are privileged.”

“I grew up with very little money, but my parents were my ultimate heroes,” he said. “They were respectful, kind human beings and operated in a way that was consistently inspiring and nurturing and kind.

“Financially, we are in a different position, but I want to make sure they know that these things do not come easy,” he continued. “You have to work for it, and you can’t take it lightly. Success is more about the values ​​we have and the kind of people we are, not the material things we can have.” Huh.”

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