Chris Meloni's Naked Peloton Ad Celebrates Law & Order Star's, Um, Unique Way of Working Out — Watch

Chris Meloni’s Naked Peloton Ad Celebrates Law & Order Star’s, Um, Unique Way of Working Out — Watch

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Star Chris Meloni, who previously backed his enthusiasm for working out in fondue, is now doing so in an ad for Peloton’s exercise app.

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“Obviously, some people think the way I work is weird,” Meloni says at the top of the new ad, which was released Thursday. When he does bicep curls and squats at his home gym, the camera pulls back to reveal that the really, really ridiculously fit actor is wearing nothing but socks and sneakers. “Honestly, I don’t get it.”

He admires the app’s variety of exercise modalities, including yoga, meditation and running.

“In the Peloton community, users are represented by two distinct, yet equally motivated groups,” an announcer says at the end of the occasion. “The ones who wear pants… and Christopher Meloni.”

The light-hearted video comes after some special TV moments for the company in recent times. and just like thatMr. Big, played by Chris Noth, suffered a heart attack after riding the Peloton bike sex and the City Continuity premiere. The fitness company produced a wink-wink ad featuring trainers Jess King and Noth, but then pulled it after Noth was accused of sexual assault by four women. Then, in January, a Billion character also suffered a heart attack after using a Peloton bike. However, that character didn’t die; Peloton later said that it was not aware that its product would be featured in a Showtime drama.

Press PLAY on the video above to see Meloni doing her cheeky moves, then hit the comments!

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