Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2009 All Rights Reserved Tel/Fax: (212) 995-1196 8/5/09 Drew Barrymore and Justin Long sitting in Central Park.  (NYC) (Star Max via AP Images)

Drew Barrymore reveals how ex Justin Long ‘gets all the ladies’

Drew Barrymore doesn’t know why she and ex-boyfriend Justin Long were “always an interesting couple”—as far as public interest in their longtime romance went.

On his eponymous talk show, he and comedian Mike Birbiglia reminisced about making the 2010 film going away. Barrymore and Long, who had been dating separately for several years at the time, played long-distance love in the rom-com, while Birbiglia had a small role as a waiter in her first film.

“Okay, I was dating [Justin Long] At the time, Barrymore, 47, replied, when Birbiglia was asked what she remembers about making the film, quipping, “We’re not the first people to meet and romance on set.”

Birbiglia said what he remembered was filming at midnight with the couple in a Manhattan restaurant. He said that every time they end a scene and go out, the paparazzi flock to Barrymore and Long.

Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2009 All Rights Reserved Tel/Fax: (212) 995-1196 8/5/09 Drew Barrymore and Justin Long sitting in Central Park.  (NYC) (Star Max via AP Images)

Shooting a Scene for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long going away With Jason Sudeikis in Central Park in 2009 (Photo: Jackson Lee/ via AP Images)

“I stopped him,” she replied with a smile and agreed with his observation that that level of stardom made for a strange life existence.

“It is,” she said, agreeing, “I didn’t know why we were ever an interesting couple. It didn’t make any sense to me. Like: Who cares? We’re not exciting.”

When Birbiglia said other people didn’t agree, she said “I don’t see it that way” before adding, “And no offense to Justin!”

Actors Drew Barrymore (L) and Justin Long pose for photographers as they arrive for the UK premiere of their film 'Going the Distance' in London on August 19, 2010.  Reuters/Eddie Keogh (UK - Tags: entertainment)

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long at the UK premiere of going away in 2010. (Photo: Reuters/Eddie Keogh)

Barrymore then went on to elaborate a bit more about their romance, which began in 2007 and lasted until 2010. She talked about how they dated “for many years” and that she was “very in love with Justin.” He explained that this was one of the main reasons for his falling for Long, with whom he also starred in 2009. he’s Just Not That Into YouBecause “He’s funny. The sharpest wit. You want to know why he gets all the women? Well, there are a few reasons, but… He’s brilliant. He’ll knock your socks off with a laugh.”

A pop-up appeared on the screen noting that Long is currently laughing at current girlfriend Kate Bosworth and that Barrymore “couldn’t wish her more happiness.”

(screenshot: The Drew Barrymore Show)

(screenshot: The Drew Barrymore Show)

Barrymore and Birbiglia talk about another of their films, music and lyricsWith Hugh Grant.

“Hugh and I didn’t date,” Barrymore said in the beginning. “Not even a little.”

She explained that she was “bothered” when she met Grant because “he’s totally a grumpy old man. You’re like, no… you’re a dashing rom-com guy. What’s up? Then you’re his Together fall in love with the real Hugh and he’s the greatest person ever and I love him so much.”

While Long has found love again, Barrymore is still watching — and she’ll often talk about the ups and downs in the dating game. She is divorced three times, including Will Copleman (with whom she shares her two daughters) and comedian Tom Green. She also dated musicians Fabrizio Moretti, Jamie Walters and Eric Erlandson.

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