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There’s a reason why so many Libras are famous. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, it makes sense that Libras are romantic, flirtatious, charming and creative. They are artistic and have a great sense of style – if Rashi were a school, they would be the most popular kids in it. Libras (born September 23 to October 22) were originally born to be VIPs. From Serena Williams to Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid, Libras conquer their field of choice through their intelligence, charm, and likeable nature. It’s so easy to fall for a Libra!

However, Libras also have a reputation for being a little gossipy… but hey, who can blame them? They can also move through different “epochs” in their style relatively quickly. They just love trying new things!

Represented by the scales, Libras are concerned with justice – while some, like Judge Judy, literally work in the legal field, others, like Cardi B, take an interest in politics and use their platform to advocate for causes close to their hearts. do to. Their creativity means they are likely to work in the arts, whether as an actor, singer, rapper, artist or stylist. And thanks to their sense of style and aesthetics whether they work in the fashion industry, Libras have the potential to be trendsetters., Like Serena Williams or Bella Hadid.

Here are some celeb Libras who will teach you more about the traits of the sociable sign.

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Kim Kardashian: October 21, 1980

From her headline-making style (both personal style and interior design) to keeping the peace among her sisters to law school, Kim K.


Serena Williams: Born September 26, 1981

With 23 Grand Slam singles wins and perhaps being the greatest athlete in the world, Serena Williams is also known for her sense of style—and even has her own fashion line.


Bella Hadid: Born October 9, 1996

Bella Hadid is a self-proclaimed “Libra Baby”. There’s a free IG caption/Tinder bio idea for you.


Will Smith: Born September 25, 1968

Although he acted Gemini manWill Smith is actually a Libra.


Gwyneth Paltrow: Born September 27, 1972

There’s a lot to be said about Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle company, Goop, but you can’t deny that she sets wellness trends.


Cardi B: Born 11 October 1992

In 2016, Cardi tweeted“I’m such a Libra, it’s not even funny. My sign represents me very well.”


Doja Cat: Born 21 October 1995

Doja Cat dressed as Libra with scales in the music video for her song “You Right” with The Weeknd.


Dakota Johnson: Born 4 October 1989


Donald Glover: Born September 25, 1983

The multi-talented Donald Glover shows how Libras can be successful in any field they decide to focus on.


Addison Rae: Born 6 October 2000

The Tiktok star has shared that he is a Libra SunAquarius Moon, Gemini Rising.

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Bruce Springsteen: Born September 23, 1949

Boss’s birth chart is full of Libra signs: his Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are all in the sign of the Scales.


Halsey: Born September 29, 1994

Proud Libra Halsey has a tattoo inspired by her sign—an image of a scale surrounded by the words “sin” and “forgiveness”, in reference to fellow Lil Wayne’s song, “On my Libra scale I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.” Am. “


Noah Schnapp: Born 3 October 2004


Caleb McLaughlin: Born 13 October 2001

I have some Libras strange things Throw!


Anthony Mackie: Born September 23, 1978

Marvel star Anthony Mackie, aka Captain America, is a Libra, in case you need more proof that this is the best zodiac sign.


Maddie Ziegler: Born September 30, 2002

Maddie Ziegler is so proud of her sign that she named one of her Morphe x Maddie Ziegler lip glosses Libra Energy.


Michaela Coyle: Born 1 October 1987

W. in an interview with magazine, Michaela opened up about her zodiac sign. “Okay, I am too No moderate. I’m extreme!” she said. “So that’s weird. However, when I look at things I see the scary truth, I don’t understand why or how this is true.”


Gwen Stefani: Born 3 October 1969

In her song “Spark the Fire,” Gwen Stefani sings her hint, saying, “I’m a Libra, let’s balance the scales.”


Avril Lavigne: Born 27 September 1984


Catherine Zeta Jones: Born September 25, 1969

Fun Fact: Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have the same birthday, but are 25 years apart. Talk about a Libra pairing!


Lil Wayne: Born September 27, 1982

Lil Wayne mentions his sign several times in his songs. In his song “Hot Shit”, he rapped, “I’m a Libra and my sign is a scale.”


Jenna Ortega: Born September 27, 2002

Netflix star Jenna Ortega’s Sun and Mercury are both in Libra.


St. Vincent: Born September 28, 1982


Hilary Duff: Born September 28, 1987

In a 2011 interview, Hilary Duff said of her Libran sobriety, “I’m very good at thinking about everything—all my consequences—before I make a decision, and I’m very good at thinking about everything.” I think what’s going to happen because of that. The decision. I’m a Libra, and I’m very strategic.”


Brie Larson: Born 1 October 1989


Lilly Singh: Born 26 September 1988

Lily once made a YouTube video about how she doesn’t believe in horoscopes…. but sorry, Lily, you’re a Libra.


Jordyn Woods: Born September 30, 1997


A$AP Rocky: Born October 3, 1988

A$AP Rocky’s Sun and Mercury are both in Libra.


Bruno Mars: Born 8 October 1985


Naomi Osaka: Born 16 October 1997

Naomi is a Libra, just like her idol Serena Williams. (Are Libras just naturally tennis superstars?)


Matt Damon: Born 8 October 1970

Matt has the constellation of Libra, with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in this sign.


Jazz Jennings: Born 6 October 2000

All you have to do is look at Jazz’s eye shadow to see if it’s a Libra.


Nick Cannon: Born 8 October 1980


Bella Thorne: Born 8 October 1997

Bella Thorne shows Libra’s classic indecision when he tweeted,#Libra It’s so hard for me to get out of a bad mood and the whole time I’m wondering why am I in a bad mood?”


Gemini: Born 13 October 1995

BTS member Gemini is the only Libra in the group.


Rowan Blanchard: Born 14 October 2001

Don’t get Rowan Blanchard’s hints wrong! 2019. In allie In the interview, she had a request: “Can you be sure people know I’m not a Scorpio?”


Hugh Jackman: Born October 12, 1968

From les miso To Marvel, Hugh Jackman reflects the versatility of Libra.


Tyler Posey: Born 18 October 1991

From maid in Manhattan To teen wolf To Jane the VirginTyler Posey shows Libran charm on screen.


Usher: Born 14 October 1978

you know that moment hustler When Usher walks into a strip club and is immediately surrounded by fans? That’s just what it takes to be a Libra.


John Mayer: Born October 16, 1977

John Mayer is a Libra, but he might not be too fond of his sign. In 2014, he tweeted“I’m reassuring this person that I was a Libra, but went to the courthouse and completed the paperwork to convert to a Virgo.”


Kate Winslet: Born October 5, 1975

Kate is a quintet Libra: her Sun, Moon, and Rising are all in this sign, as well as her Mercury and Pluto.


Zac Efron: Born 18 October 1987


Eminem: Born 17 October 1972


Snoop Dogg: Born 20 October 1971


Jeff Goldblum: Born 22 October 1952


Naomi Watts: Born September 28, 1968

“Happy birthday to this fellow Libra ️ @lievschreiber, half of these precious gifts! Hope you have a wonderful day!!” Naomi posted about her ex-husband and co-parent Liv Schreiber in 2021.


Susan Sarandon: Born October 4, 1946

Susan is another Libra who has combined acting with political activism.


Amber Rose: Born 21 October 1983

Back in 2011, Amber Rose talked about her signing in an interview Complexsaying, “I’m a Libra. If someone compliments me, I’ll say something nice to them. I like to give compliments.”


John Krasinski: Born October 20, 1979

As a Libra, it’s no surprise that John Krasinski is one half of a power couple with his wife Emily Blunt—Libras are the most comfortable in relationships.


Julie Andrews: Born October 1, 1935

In a 2019 interview with Oprah Daly, Julie said, “I think I’m a rebel, and then it takes me forever to make up my mind about things… I’m a true Libra. “


Lena Headey: Born 3 October 1973

Cersei in . Performing As Lena Headey game of Thrones Libra will convince you to never get on the bad side of the zodiac.


Zach Galifianakis: Born 1 October 1969

Libras’ social skills can also make them excellent comedians.


Fran Drescher: Born 30 September 1957

Um, have you seen the outfits Fran wears? came, Obviously she is a Libra.


Jacob Sartorius: Born 2 October 2002

Vine star Jacob Sartorius was famous before driving.


Michael Douglas: Born September 25, 1944

Fun Fact: Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have the same birthday, but are 25 years apart. Talk about a Libra pairing!


Judge Judy: Born 21 October 1942

No wonder Judge Judy is a Libra – it’s a sign of the law, after all!


Olivia Newton-John: born September 26, 1948

Olivia Newton-John’s focus on advocating for cancer research reflects her Libra for justice.


Nia Vardalos: Born September 24, 1962

my big Fat Greek Wedding The franchise has been around for over 20 years now… so definitely Tara is a Libra!


Kelly Ripa: Born October 2, 1970

In a 2020 interview about her 50th birthday, Kelly said, “It’s like a duality. I guess that’s why I’m a Libra. It’s a duality. I’m focusing on the next chapter in my life.” but what am I really focused on [my kids are] doing first. Put them first and then I’ll line up behind them.”


Simon Cowell: Born October 7, 1959

Simon certainly exemplifies the justice side of Libra!

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