Heidi Montag is working to embrace her pregnant body

Heidi Montag on embracing her body during second pregnancy.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Heidi Montag on embracing her body during second pregnancy. (Photo: Getty Images)

Heidi Montag is stepping off the scale while pregnant with her second child.

the hills The 35-year-old alum is already mom to 4-year-old son Gunner with her husband, Spencer Pratt. But just a month after announcing that she’s expecting, Montag is sharing her laissez faire approach to her evolved body.

“My appetite has really increased because the baby needs a lot of nutrition, so I’m overeating,” she said. US Weekly, “I try really hard to eat mostly healthy, whole foods, which I love, but I’m definitely eating more pasta and toast. And coming from a more non-vegetarian diet, it’s a little shocking. …I’m not just trying to jump the scale too. I’m like, ‘Let’s just be healthy and eat as healthy as we can and don’t worry about what the scale says.'”

While pregnant with her first child in 2017, Montag was quick to reveal how much weight she was gaining in the first six months of pregnancy. After struggling to get pregnant again, she is more focused on enjoying the process than anything else.

“This may be my last [pregnancy], so I just want to be comfortable,” she said. “I think that’s my biggest fear — I don’t want to gain so much weight that I get really uncomfortable and not functional. So I am just trying to find a good balance not to stress it at all, work out as much as I can, eat what I want and enjoy pregnancy. That’s what I keep reminding myself.”

In addition to the way her body is changing, Montag explained that she’s doing her best to adjust her routine with Gunner to prepare for her younger sibling.

“I’m trying to plan and create better patterns for him, like, he always wants me to tuck him in every night and I’m trying to get Spencer involved to be able to do that. I I do a lot and Spencer comes in and I finish it,” she said. “We need to reevaluate some things [before the baby comes], … I’m getting a little nervous and excited and nostalgic at the same time.”

Luckily, they are not under too much time pressure as the baby is due in December.

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