Hilarious wrong answer is also Kelly Ripa’s ‘favorite answer ever’ on ‘Generation Gap’

Hilarious wrong answer is also Kelly Ripa’s ‘favorite answer ever’ on ‘Generation Gap’

full base of Entertaining depends on wrong answers, and on Thursday the audience was highly entertained. While there were many funny moments on the show, none of the contestants created more hilarious moments than Danielle, 72.

Daniel earned a laugh for thinking Lizzo was Rosie O’Donnell. He mislabeled Kode and Nai-Na dance as spices. And they thought Tyler Perry’s Madea acted throw mom off the train, But his funniest answer came from a question about robot toys.

“What Transformer Was the Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Discovered in a Scrapyard?” Host Kelly Ripa asked.

Daniel replied, “Paul McCartney.”

The audience was happy with the wrong answer. Assuming that McCartney was a member of The Beatles and Bubbly was a Beatle, you would argue that from a phonetic standpoint the answer was not entirely out of left field.

In fact, the answer was so interesting that Ripa thought it deserved special attention.

“Can we put an asterisk next to that as my favorite answer?” He asked. “However, I have high hopes that they only make a Transformers movie starring the Beatles now.”

generation gap Airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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