How Married to Medicine’s Dr. Contessa Saved Her Marriage

At one point, the bond between the pair became so distant that Contessa placed a sign outside the family’s Atlanta home for sale as a symbol it was time to get out and move on. But after being pulled into the driveway by Scott, he pushed the sign down and agreed to attend therapy—a longstanding request from his wife.

Both sides spoke to professionals and learned that their own divorced parents were having an impact on their current relationship.

“When he started going to therapy, it was good because he was able to become more aware of the things he was doing simply because that’s what he was taught,” Contessa explained. “To be honest, none of us saw a good example of marriage growing up. We were just winging it and then trying to listen to 10 different people who tell you to do the same thing.” Was telling 10 different ways. It just wasn’t effective.”

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