Hulu doc peeks behind the Victoria’s Secret corporate curtain, Lizzo drops new album ‘Special,’ Dakota Johnson plays Jane Austen heroine in ‘Persuasion’ and all the best in pop culture the week of July 11, 2022

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Stream IT: New Victoria’s Secret documentary exposes the dark side of the lingerie brand

Hulu’s three-part documentary examines the disturbing and active story of Victoria’s Secret and its longtime CEO, billionaire Les Wexner. Directed by Matt Tyrnoir, The Expose promises an “untold story” of what happened behind closed doors. “The fashion underworld, the billionaire class and Jeffrey Epstein have all been associated with the downfall of this legendary brand,” said a press release. The documentary is kept secret, but includes interviews with former Victoria’s Secret executives. “Turning eyes is a very important phrase with this series,” explained Tyrnauer. New York Magazine, , taryn rider

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons Premieres Thursday, July 14 Hulu,

watch it, Watch Ruby Rose Get Your E-Sports Team In Fighting Shape one up

straight out of the batcave, east Batwoman Ruby Rose is back in training mode to star in new Prime Video comedy one up, to imagine pitch perfect Through wizard And you’ve got the basic set-up for this ribald dispatch of gaming culture, which follows an all-female collegiate e-sports team called the 8-Bits as they take on their all-male rival, the Beta. Julia Yorks’ screenplay adds lots of retro and contemporary video game jokes to the zero-to-hero narrative, and director Kelly Newman – who previously starred in 2009 star wars Satire, fanboy — the scene for Mario Brothers drops in outcry and warcraft, among other titles. This exclusive clip shows Rose’s gaming coach putting 8-bits through his paces, and refusing to accept second best as first place. Now it is playing with power. , Ethan Alter

one up Premieres Friday, July 15 on Prime Video from Lionsgate and Buzzfeed Studios

Watch this: Season 2 Star Trek: Lower Deck Beam on Blu-ray and DVD

star trekIn its sophomore season on Paramount+ the famous animated comedy Laid on Trackin’, Regularly reaffirms its status as one of the delights of the streaming age Travel-Essence. No wonder the show was reunited for two more seasons of Deep Space cartoon hijinks. Season 2’s 10 episodes are now coming to the two-disc Blu-ray and DVD set, featuring audio commentary, animatics, and behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew on select installments. This exclusive clip from a featurette features Jack Quaid – star of another blockbuster streaming series, boys – Uncover your secret of double viewing in a memorable episode. , EA

Star Trek: Lower Deck Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, July 12 at most major retailers, including heroine,

Hear this: Lizzo’s Return, Just in Time

Multihyphenate diva Lizzo has hardly kept a low profile since her success, cuz i love you, which earned him seven Grammy nominations and earned him superstar status. But incredibly, more than three years have passed since that album was released. Buoyed by the aptly titled disco-throwback single “About Damn Time”, Lizzo’s return LP. Specific, now sounds like a hot contender for the top summer soundtracks of 2022. This fall, she’ll kick him Specific The tour, donating $500,000 to Planned Parenthood from ticket sales, is matched with Live Nation for a total of $1 million from that amount. , Lindsay Parker

Specific by Lizzo is Available to download/stream on Friday, July 15 Apple Music,

Watch this: The new relationship series follows 1 woman who dates 5 men at the same time over the course of a week

This charming new dating show on Lifetime is coming in hot and heavy, featuring a different deserving woman each week who invites five bachelors to move into her house and go to work, hanging out with friends. and even eats with his parents. , The lucky lady will finish the boys at once for the week before, hopefully, to find love. “I’ve always wanted a first date with so many men,” says a single woman in the show’s trailer. Here’s one (out of five) to find!

five boys a week Premieres Wednesday, July 13 on Lifetime.

Stream IT: Prepare Your Kids for the Return of Edison and Jade Inn zombies 3

Sure, as full grown adults who prefer full blown adult types of entertainment, we personally are not the least bit interested. zombies 3The third adventure of star-crossed (PG) lovers Addison (the human cheerleader played by Meg Donnelly) and Jade (the green-haired zombie football player played by Milo Mannheim) popularized after the riots. dead body (2018) and zombies 2 (2020). But as parents of kids under 10 who are asking when is the next dead body Film coming out February 14, 2020? Oh, we’re gonna set Disney+ on fire and let these kids enjoy them. , KP

zombies 3 Premieres Friday, July 15 Disney+,

Hear this: J-Hope brings new hope to the BTS Army

Last month, K-pop septet BTS shattered their army’s hearts by announcing that they were going on hiatus. But after BTS, who just released the best compilation ever evidenceassured the fans that they are No The individual band members wasted no time focusing on their solo projects. (The Good The news is, BTS fans are getting Seven J-Hope is the first BTS member to release a full-length solo album during this interim period. Jack in the BoxAnd judging by the record’s lead single, that would be arrogant a very Sounds different from crossover pop hits like “Boy With Love” and “Butter”. J-Hope’s “Peacock” is a dark, unsightly, ’90s rap-rock affair, highlighting some of Post Malone, Nirvana, Cypress Hill, and even Nine Inch Nails ; There’s no doubt that when he plays Lollapalooza on July 31, he will become the first South Korean artist to headline a major American music festival. , LP

Jack in the Box by J-Hope is Available to download/stream on Friday, July 15 Apple Music,

Stream IT: Bill Burr tackles third rail topics like canceled culture and abortion in his new Netflix special

Leave it to Bill Burr to try to cancel himself. Outspoken humor – who has recently defended Johnny Depp and controversial figures like him Mandalorian Co-star Gina Carano – in her latest Netflix special, frankly speaks her mind, live in red rocks, filmed last year at Colorado’s famed outdoor amphitheater. Elaborating on his earlier comments on his divisive 2020 . did on saturday night live The host of the gig, Burr wasted little time calling out cancellation culture, ridiculing efforts to cancel long-dead celebrities like John Wayne. He also renews his attacks on other perceived hypocrites on both sides of the aisle, be it the feminists he claims to see. kardashians Instead of WNBA games or anti-maskers who refuse to take pandemic precautions and then demand escape to emergency rooms. Burr ends her set by outlining her nuanced take on abortion—a topic that couldn’t be more timely, despite the special filming in 2021. , EA

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks Premieres Tuesday, July 12 on Netflix.

Stream IT: Dakota Johnson Channels Jane Austen in a New Adaptation incentive

Austenites, rejoice! The author’s final novel gets a facelift with Internet’s favorite actress Dakota Johnson front and center. lost daughter star play incentiveThe protagonist, Anne Elliot, who was persuaded years ago to break off her engagement with potentially-challenging Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis) and has since regretted it. Now, the two reunite after a break of seven years and the spark inevitably flies once again. Renowned theater director Carrie Cracknell’s feature filmmaking debut, incentive Johnson deftly breaks the fourth wall, often addressing the camera as drama – and comedy – unfolds. Search crazy rich asian Starring Henry Golding as another lover in a funny twist that could ruin Anne and Frederick’s happiness every second. , EA

incentive Premieres Friday, July 15 on Netflix.

Hear this: Interpol are true believers

The Other Side of Make-Believe, the seventh studio album by NYC aughts indie-rockers Interpol, was written entirely remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic – a first for the band. But by 2021, when Paul Banks, Danielle Kessler and Sam Fogarino were able to physically reunite with the Catskills and later in London to record the album with super-producers Alan Moulder and Flood, the magic was still there. In fact, the eccentrically titled record may be the most excited of a usually moody post-punk group: Banks recently pointed out. Rolling stone He make believeHas the tracks “Too Easy” and “Intimate”. pet sound And Red Hot Chili Peppers “really elicit positive emotions.” , LP

The Other Side of Make-Believe by INTERPOL is Available to download/stream on Friday, July 15 Apple Music,

Play this: Turn your toy collection upside down with Playmates’ new tmnt fulfills strange things Line

Leonardo and Eleven join Playmates' new Stranger Things Upside Down remix collection (Photo: Playmates)

Leonardo and Eleven Playmates’ new . joined in strange things The Upside Down Remix Collection (Photo: Playmates)

Cowbanga friends! Hawkins Hellfire Club meets New York’s own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles strange things Ulta Remix Collection from Playmate. Hitting shelves in October, but available for pre-order now, this line of toys pairs each of the four turtles with one strange things fan favorite. As the song goes, Leonardo and XI lead the way; Donatello and Lucas do the machines; Raphael and Hopper are cool, but crude; And Michelangelo and Dustin are serious party friends. And you better believe that when evil Shredders and Vecna ​​attack, these hard-shell heroes don’t cut them any slack. , EA

strange things The Upside Down Remix Collection will release in October and is available for pre-order now target,

Hear this: Johnny Depp stars alongside Jeff Becky

Johnny Depp has been in the news lately for obvious unpleasant reasons, but now he’s trying to deflect that negative attention (or just release some post-test tension) by rocking out with his friend, guitar legend Jeff Beck. Used to be. The actor – who made his musical debut and starred in Rock City Angels and supergroups P and Hollywood Vampires – has joined Beck. 18, stating in a press release: “It’s an extraordinary honor to play and write music with Jeff, who is one of the true greats and I am now privileged to call my brother.” The stunning 13-track collaborative project includes several originals, as well as Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”, the Everly Brothers’ “Let It Be Me,” Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and the Beach Boys’ “Caroline, No”. such as covers. “And” don’t talk (put your head on my shoulder).” – LP

18 by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp Available to download/stream on Friday, July 15 Apple Music,

– Video produced by Kyle Moss and edited by John Santo

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