‘Jeopardy!’ fans confused by two odd final wagers

Suspicious bids became a topic of discussion in the city Danger!As of Tuesday, he left fans stunned. Entering the finals Jopardi, contestant Steve Clarke had $20,000. Second place contestant Ben Caller had $10,000. Fans expected Clarke to bid $0 and that the collar would go away completely, but none of the contestants complied.

The caller answered the clue correctly, but only bid $3,000. This was lucky for Clark, who answered the clue incorrectly and placed a bid of $1. The audience spoke on Twitter in seemingly illogical dialects.

It should be noted that third-place contestant Tehmina Malik had gained $3,200 in the final round, but lost it all with the wrong response. So while the argument could have been made that Caller was playing for second place, fans did not understand. And he didn’t understand any more why Clark only bid a dollar.

Final Crisis! The category was “Paris and Astronomy”. The clue read, “Discovered in 1877, they were named for the siblings of the Greek god of love.” The caller correctly answered, “What are Phobos and Deimos?”

With his second win of the week, Clarke has kicked off a winning streak and amassed a total of $38,400 in winnings.

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