Jesse Palmer Says ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8 is “Crazy”

things are supposedly Preoccupation on down bachelor in heaven Beach. in a new interview with us weekly here for the right reasons podcast, host Jesse Palmer (who’s actually in Mexico filming beep season 8RN) said that things are crazy on the beach and teased what they might change to the format or rules of the series this season.

“It’s crazy here. It’s absolutely insane. It’s all people. It’s just so much chaos, so much drama and yeah, things never seen before.” [are] Happening in heaven,” he said. “I’ve been watching this show for years, a huge fan of it. And we are changing things. We are changing things. It’s hard to keep track of all this to be honest.”

According to us weeklyOne of those perceived changes could include “dividing groups of men and women after they’ve been added and before new contestants hit the beach.”

After that semi-juicy tease, though, Jessie went into ABC PR-speak mode and raved about having “so much fun” in a “magic” place that is heaven (and it’s also said that “magic” would make a big difference to her). needs a lot of sunscreen and water” HOPE-TBH Looks like Jessie could benefit from getting a few naps in her schedule, which currently includes filming/hosting *together* bachelor in heaven and working on the promotional circuit for Gabby and Rachel’s joint season The Bachelorettewhich will premiere on Monday),

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“It’s been amazing. It’s like grazing cats when you have so many people in this play,” said Jesse, before evolving into what reads like an exhaustion-fueled string. beep discussion words. “You need so much SPF and water and you just [have to] be ready. I’m having so much fun. I always wondered, as a fan of the show, ‘How Paradise-y is Paradise?’ And I can tell you, it’s a lot of fun. It really is heaven. This place is magic.”

This interview is magic, but seriously #LetJessePalmerNap.

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