Jon Stewart calls out Fox News for refusing to have him on to discuss veterans' healthcare

Jon Stewart calls out Fox News for refusing to have him on to discuss veterans’ healthcare

Update July 29, 2022 at 10:45am ET: Fox News issued the following statement: “We have welcomed Jon Stewart to our programs several times to highlight the important work he has done with veterans and 9/11 first responders and look forward to accompanying him. America’s newsroom Even today at 10:30 am special Report this evening.”

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Jon Stewart appeared on Thursday MSNBC Prime, where they discussed legislation by Senate Republicans blocking legislation that helps veterans suffering from health problems related to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stewart, who also fights for the health benefits of 9/11 first responders, spends the day talking to anyone who listens. He spoke to the press outside the Capitol earlier in the day, he spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper, and he also managed to speak with the right-wing outlet Newsmax. But Fox News, whose primetime lineup completely ignored the story, refused to keep it.

“Look, you and I can talk about it until our face turns blue, they’ll never hear it. There’s an information silo. I was lucky enough to catch up on Newsmax this morning and go there It was enabled. It was probably the first time those viewers heard about it,” Stewart said. “Fox News, they refuse to have me all day. We have been begging them to be on the air all day so that we can bring some potential accountability to these senators.”

I’ve never seen anything like this. No one has ever seen anything like this on the hill.john stewart

Stewart also called on Senate Republicans to now block a bill he overwhelmingly supported last month. The bloc was led by Sen. Pat Tommy of Pennsylvania, who falsely claimed that a minor but necessary change to the bill in the House created a $400 billion slush fund. But Tommy’s argument is easily overruled by the fact that the bill requires spending to be in the budget presented to Congress each year by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

“By the way,” Stewart said, referring to the GOP senators, “the majority of whom voted for the bill, and then turned and voted against it, even though there was no material change. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Look. No one has ever seen anything like this on the hill.”

Stewart also rebutted a narrative regularly pushed on Fox, that the military is falling short of recruiting targets because of the so-called awakening. Stewart believes that what Senate Republicans just did is a perfect example of why fewer young people are recruiting.

“They keep talking, boy, there’s an army recruiting problem because of the pronouns they’re using. It’s not a pronoun,” Stewart said. “It is that the youth see that this government does not fulfill its obligations towards its fighters. Its as simple as that.”

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