Kylie Jenner Slams Instacart Worker Who Claimed to Hear Her Son Crying

In today’s Kardashian internet drama, Kylie Jenner is in a feud with an Instacart worker who posted 100% lies about her on TikTok.

Here’s what happened: Earlier this week, TikToker Pablo Tamayo took to an Instacart gig that, according to him, delivered a $12 pack of pepperoni (from the swanky West Hollywood grocery store Erevan, if you care) to Kylie’s house. was involved.

Pablo records a shocking video from his car (with Kylie’s pepperoni still in his possession) that he was about to deliver deli meats to Kylie Jenner (the order was named “Ashton”) apparently ). He recorded some footage of himself going home and asking someone (presumably security) if he was actually at Kylie Jenner’s house and then closed the video with some post-delivery freakout footage. That’s a lot of fanboy energy, TBH:

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However, the general fanboying vibe Kylie didn’t take issue with in the video. In the video, Pablo also made some claims that Kylie just can’t stand. especially:

  1. That he didn’t tip well for the order (in Pablo’s words, “this bitch could have paid me more”).
  2. That, while approaching the house, he went “with a little path, like, a river below it”.
  3. that he could hear a child scream during drop-off (during which he claimed to “look all over the house” where he saw “helpers and maids and sh*t” but No Kylie or Stormi).
    1. Kylie didn’t comment on Pablo’s post, but appeared to address her claims in the comments section of a TikTok video she shared this week making a salami and pepperoni sandwich.

      “No one comes through the gate! River? No river. Lying for attention excuses me unfairly,” Kylie said in comments that have since been deleted, according to E! News. news. “I didn’t order this myself. It was tipped through the app. Also lied about looking through my windows and making my son cry. ??”

      Moral of the story: Don’t lie about Kylie Jenner for the sake of clout. Or possibly move to LA and sign up to deliver for Instacart, stat. Definitely one of those two.

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