Lea Michele Is Officially Cast in ‘Funny Girl,’ and the Internet Is Going Wild

kevin majuru

kevin majuru

The people who need a Lea Michele are the luckiest (and weirdest?) people in the world. Notorious actress finally cast officially as Fanny Bryce funny girl Revival now on Broadway.

It’s been a long and winding road for Michelle, who is rumored to be replacing Benny Feldstein as Fanny Brice, a role taken over by Barbra Streisand for the past month. Fans are speculating, tabloids are starting to ruminate, and Gawker reported on Mitchell’s casting a few weeks ago. Today, however, officials funny girl Twitter account shared the news,

Feldstein was initially slated to step down from the role in September; However, late last night, the actress extended her exit date till July 31. Michelle will step down for the role on September 6. Meanwhile, Julie Benko has to be understood for the lead role.

mate glee Co-star Jane Lynch will also be leaving this September, with Tony-nominee Tova Feldshuh set to replace her.

“A dream come true is an understatement,” Michelle shared about the casting news on her Instagram account in a post. “I’m incredibly honored to be included in this amazing cast and production and to return to the stage playing Fanny Brice on Broadway.” Michelle’s funny girl Debut would be his first starring role in a Broadway show since 2008, when he left spring Awakening,

A self-proclaimed “Streisand worshiper,” Mitchell is gunning for a role (rather, Chief role in funny girl from his days gleewhere “Don’t Rain on My Parade” became the focus of her character’s story.

Even, in what was supposed to be a public audition for the role, she performed a showstopper at the 2010 Tony Awards:

The fans of the show waited all day funny girl The announcement, sharing memories about the actress in anticipation of whatever casting news was released.

So, when the news about Michelle’s casting finally closed on Monday, you can imagine the storm of tweets that surfaced. Fans were thrilled but couldn’t believe the news. The response was divided between glee (hey) and despair.

While We Hate Rain at Everyone’s Parade – Cheesy, Yes, But I Had to Make At Least One Reference – Starring Michelle funny girl Not being celebrated by everyone at all. co-star from spring Awakening has said that Mitchell was “nothing but a nightmare” during production, adding that the star was “absolutely terrifying” every step of the way. Looking at the allegations against him, some wonder if he deserves such a huge redemption and opportunity.

Maybe it’s easier to write off Michelle as a “mean diva” and just like everyone else on Broadway. But a few summers ago, Michelle’s glee The co-stars said there is an even darker side to the actress, who is reportedly brutally racist and transphobic. Although Michel has denied the allegations, enough glee The stars have spoken of giving a blow to his credibility.

Lea Michele has been terrorizing actors since she was 12, former cast members say

Nevertheless, she persisted. Michelle recently did a . starred in spring Awakening Reunion concert for charity, which HBO turned into a full-blown documentary. It was a smart time. Critics were reminded, and pretty much over, how talented Michelle is—and in interviews with filmmakers, she was undeniably charming. He was accorded a warm welcome while performing with spring Awakening In this year’s tone, the cast laid the strategic ground for a big comeback.

But there is no denying the ugliness of how it all came to be. Feldstein was forced out of her role before her original contract expired, and the word in the announcement that she was leaving early—”once production decided to take the show in a different direction”—was low. suggests less than some bitterness. (As on page six, funny girl Producers were “blinded” by Feldstein’s announcement on Sunday night.)

This Big Comeback Via Broadway funny girl Warrants another stellar documentary. Or, given that Feldstein and Michelle are both Ryan Murphy-minted darlings, Fight season 3?

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