Love and Thunder’ Almost Featured Her Music

Running up that hill, a deal with God… of thunder. Director Taika Waititi confirmed in a new interview NME He Thor: Love and Thunder Almost The First Contains Kate Bush’s Music strange things made “Running Up That Hill” a revivalist international sensation—something Waititi “ruined” the experimental ’80s musician’s work for his longtime fans.

Asked if his new film — starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale — could give Guns N’ Roses the same commercial boost strange things After featuring four of the rock band’s songs delivered to Bush, Waititi didn’t hold back about what that boost actually meant for Bush’s superfans. “You mean how did they ruin Kate Bush?” He joked.

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“I love that show, but as someone who feels real ownership of Kate Bush music… I’m really pissed!” He continued. “I’ve become one of those old holes who’s like: ‘These kids never listened to Kate Bush, they heard a song on a TV show! They don’t know Kate Bush! I know Kate Bush !'”

He confirmed something recently revealed by Bell, who plays Thor’s latest foe in Marvel’s wider string of space villains in the new film — that he planned to feature Bush’s music. Thor before this strange things Season four aired. After making heavy use of “Running Up That Hill” in the latest season of Netflix’s blockbuster sci-fi series, the song peaked at number 1 on the UK charts and nearly 37 years after reaching an unprecedented peak of number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Got hit. original release.

“before strange things, Yeah, there was a bunch of Kate Bush songs that I wanted to put out there,” revealed Waititi. “We were going to have ‘This Woman Work,’ which was going to be great for [a scene with] Natalie Portman’s character. ,

Other than this Thor After the Kate Bush dance party that never was, Waititi also opened up to the publication about how special it was to include four Guns N’ Roses songs in her new film, including “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

“We Really Wanted Five” [songs], but that could be more,” he shared. “It was a real triumph, one of my favorite bands from when I was a kid, the band that really informed my life about the soundtrack.”

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