My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Sues Silvio for $257M Amid Divorce

My Unconventional Life's Julia and Silvio Have Controversial Split
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my unconventional life‘s Julia Hart suing estranged husband Silvio Scaglia for $257 million and accused him of forcing her into “indentured servitude.”

The former reality star, 51, filed suit in the New York Supreme Court on Thursday, July 8, claiming that Scaglia, 63, committed multiple crimes in an apparent attempt to seize possession of his property.

“Silvio Scaglia is a liar and a fraud,” the fiery filing, obtained by us weekly, reads. “While he presents himself to the media and others as a billionaire, in truth, Scaglia’s so-called wealth is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Although Scaglia once earned €700 million from his investment in the Italian telecommunications company Fastweb. By the time he married Julia Hart, Scaglia had lost all that money and then some subsequent unsuccessful business ventures and investments.

The point isn’t that Scaglia didn’t have the money, but that he reportedly kept the former La Perla creative director’s salary from his time as CEO of the model and talent agency, Elite World Group LLC (EWG), of which he was working. are co-owners. “Scaglia begged Hart that instead of taking salary from EWG as its CEO, EWG should pay its parent company FHI [Freedom Holding, Inc.] A hefty management fee in exchange for Hart’s services.

The pair were engaged at the time, and Hart believed her future husband when he reportedly said he would own 50 percent of FHI. Hart’s lawyers now allege that it was all “a pack of lies” so Scaglia could have had more cash flow. “Unbeknownst to Hart, prior to the transfer of 50% of FHI’s shares to Hart, Scaglia secretly amended FHI’s articles of incorporation to allow him to issue FHI, preferred shares of FHI stock that gave Scaglia to FHI. given sole control of,” the document claims. After that, he allegedly transferred 50 percent of his shares to Hart, without telling him that the preferred shares gave him all the power.

The docs claim, “His ownership and control of FHI was completely deceptive and he had no ability to prevent Scaglia from taking for himself all the money paid by EWG for Hart’s valuable services as CEO.” “

Hart’s team says he valued EWG “from approximately $70 million in 2018 to between $700 million and $1.1 billion” during his time as CEO.

While her salary was paid into an FHI account, Hart accuses Scaglia of taking $1.5 million of her earnings and siphoning her out of the jointly owned account.

The lawsuit depicts Scaglia as “desperate for cash to fund his lifestyle” while struggling to maintain his business endeavors. “As recently as last year, with the exception of Elite World Group LLC … all of Scaglia’s business ventures were failing,” the docs claim. “Scaglia was desperate for cash to fund his failing businesses and to support his lifestyle, which remained lavish despite his financial shortcomings, adding to the existing $30 million mortgage on the home he shared with Hart. Demanded a $10 million mortgage.”

The lawsuit states that the Fastweb founder “positions himself as a billionaire in front of the media and others, [but] In truth, the so-called wealth of Scaglia is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Heart’s indentured servitude must be abolished. It may not be that a man can convince his wife to give him millions of dollars in salary and benefits, plus an employment contract at the peak of his career (with the security and freedom that come with those things) and then give her Nothing can leave when its bait and switch is revealed.”

Hart’s lawyer also guilty paolo barbieri (an executive who replaced Hart as chief executive officer) and Jeffrey Feynman (FHI’s external accountant), who has been named as a defendant for allegedly allowing Scaglia to charge personal expenses from his companies as business expenses and terminate his former position as CEO. The court documents claim, “As a result of the actions of Barbieri and Feynman, Hart has suffered damages in an amount to be determined at trial, but is believed to exceed $257 million.”

It is the latest in a series of legal filings since the pair split in February. Days after Hart filed for divorce in February, she filed for a restraining order against her estranged husband. “In January 2022, I faced [Silvio] about his abusive behavior and told him that if anyone ever heard how he acted and talked to me, they would think he was a terrible person. In reply, [he] Threatened me, saying: ‘If you ever go to the press about how I treat you or the kids, I’ll kill you,'” the reality star recalled.

A representative for Silvio responded in a statement. We At the time: “It’s just another day in the life of an aspiring reality TV star who aims to distract from the factual rigging claim filed against her.”

Silvio accuses his estranged wife of using corporate assets as a “private piggy bank” in court documents We in February, claiming it had spent more than $2 million on the company in 2021. The complaint accused him of making “illegal withdrawals” from an EWG bank account when he was informed of the board’s plans. The move reportedly violated “the January 19, 2022 agreement between him and Silvio Scaglia,” under which the two capped the $250,000 on withdrawals “in addition to covering a mortgage, rent and current living expenses.” Signed.

The businessman called Silvio’s claims “ridiculous” during an April interview. entertainment tonight, She continued, “Honestly, from what I can say, are these really ridiculous allegations. I’ve never taken a penny that’s not mine, and the beauty of knowing the truth is that you know the truth, and for me , this is just another battle that I have to face to fight for my freedom. Obviously, I cannot go into details. All I can say is [that] I have lived till now. I’ll keep fighting until I win, and hopefully there’s purpose in all this misery. Hopefully, I will become strong and independent, and I will realize that I do not need men. It would be nice, to create that feeling. I’m not there yet, I have to get there.”

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