Pregnant Texas woman fighting HOV citation claims officer told her she’d win if she fought ticket

Brandi Bouton, a pregnant Plano, Texas, resident who is fighting a Citation for Driving in HOV Lane, appeared on CNN Newsroom with Pamela Brown Sunday, where she talked about the moment she was given the ticket. He believes that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade This means that her unborn child must be legally treated as a separate person.

“I was kind of shocked,” Botton said, “and I was like, ‘Okay, in light of what’s happened, and I’m not trying to make a big political stance here, but Do you think it is a baby?’ And he kind of brushed me off.”

Botton said he was instructed to go to a different officer who would write the citation. The officer told her that she could win if she fought.

“Talked to that officer and he said a similar thing,” said Botton, “and he said, ‘Ma’am, this is what you’re being cited for, and honestly, if you go and fight it , then I am sure it will be dropped.'”

The Texas Penal Code and its traffic laws do not align when considering who can and cannot be identified as a person. After the incident with Botton went viral, Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison, a Republican, vowed to introduce legislation that would specifically recognize fetuses as people. But it will be too late to help Botton in his current state.

“My blood boils that not only did I get fired, I didn’t talk about it, but I also wasted my time,” Botton said. “And I’m going to have to waste my time fighting a ticket on July 20 that I think I shouldn’t have got.”

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