Prince Harry Wins Key Stage of Tabloid Defamation Case

It was yet another court victory for Prince Harry today, when a . parts of mail on sunday The story they disputed was ruled as defamatory by a judge.

The Duke of Sussex is currently suing Associated Newspapers Ltd, the publisher of the British tabloid, for defamation after it was claimed that Harry used his PR team to spin facts about his request for police protection in the United Kingdom. was used.

The British High Court heard from Harry’s legal team that the tabloid’s February story falsely suggested that the prince attempted to “falsely” and “redeemably” manipulate public opinion about the case. But lawyers working for the ANL argued that the piece contained “no signs of impropriety” and was not defamatory.

The original article was titled, “Exclusive: How Prince Harry Tried to Keep Secret His Legal Battle with Government Over Police Bodyguards … Controversy.”

In his summary, Judge Justice Nicklin ruled that the story suggested that Harry was responsible for “spinning out the facts” and misleading the public into thinking he was offering to pay for police protection when He had offered to fund the security arrangements only after that. A legal battle ensued with the British Home Office. However, Nicklin dismissed claims by Harry’s legal team that the article suggested he “lied.”

The judge also rejected MatchThe ‘lawyers’ claim that their article focused only on statements made by the Sussexes’ “PR machine”, and not by Harry himself.

Niklin said, “It may be possible to ‘spin’ the facts in a way that does not mislead, but the accusations being made in the article were so high that the aim was to mislead the public.”

Today’s result marks the first stage of Harry’s defamation fight, which will now proceed to hear any defenses mail on sunday-For which the newspaper must name its source on the story. Only after further hearing will the court decide whether Rajkumar’s case succeeds or fails.

Ahead of last month’s preliminary hearing, Harry said in a statement that the tabloid story had caused him “considerable injury, embarrassment and distress, which continues.”

The Duke also has a separate legal case against the Home Office for his current security arrangements when he and his family are in the UK Just yesterday, 7 July, a court heard how Harry was accompanied by Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary, Sir “Significant stress” was faced by Edward Young, who was involved in undermining his security.

Harry’s lawyer, Shaheed Fatima QC, said the Duke was not aware that Young – who was on the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (RAVEC) – played a role in the decision to block him from access to reasonable security. . After stepping down from his royal role in early 2020.

It was suggested that Young’s involvement, of which the royal was unaware at the time, may have been Harry’s offer to pay for his own security “not disclosed to RAVEC” when their security measures were first discussed. .

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