Prince William and Kate Middleton Relationship Timeline, Including Breakup

Like a dusty bottle of port and a rich old man, Kate Middleton and Prince William are a match made in heaven. This royal couple is literally destined to be the King and Queen of England, and as such, their relationship is extremely, well, polished.

No one knows exactly what goes on behind the gold doors of Kensington Palace, but Kate and William’s love story has always been presented as a fairy tale. And it probably is! But like any couple they met in college, William and Kate’s relationship was not without hurdles. On that note, let’s go over the timeline of their romance—including the ups and downs And Ascend

circa 2001

William and Kate meet at the University of St Andrews. Here’s a photo of her at her graduation ceremony for proof, if you live by the motto “Photos or it didn’t happen.”

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circa 2003

William and Kate begin dating when he is clearly mind-blowing when he sees his model at a charity auction wearing this gem:

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According to I! NausoWilliam was all, “Wow, Fergus, Kate’s hot!” To a friend named Fergus.

January 2004

William and Kate were spotted on a ski holiday together! Here he is wearing some upside down glasses:

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And here she is, low-key matching her man:

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March 18, 2006

Kate is seen kissing William at their polo match, and they seem relatively unaffected by the cameras:

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15 July 2006

Kate shows up at one of William’s polo matches, and she smiles gleefully at this spectacular horse, (She’s the one in the halter dress, FYI.)

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Christmas 2006

William reportedly cancels his plans to spend Christmas with Kate’s family, leaving her anticipating everything. To Vanity Fair Royal reporter Katie Nicholl, “at the last minute, William had a change of heart and decided to stay with his family instead,” informing Kate “tearful” on Boxing Day. very nice. cold.

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February 10, 2007

Kate is seen attending some sort of sports game with William and his brother Harry. PLEASE NOTE: This photo is from just a few months before William and Kate broke up.

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spring 2007

News breaks that William and Kate have called it quits. “We were both very young,” William later explained during his engagement interview with Kate. “We were both finding ourselves and such and different characters and such.”

it seems like William was the person initiating the split (how dare he), and the Internet circa 2007 had some crazy theories about it, including:

  1. Kate accidentally used the word “toilet” in front of the Queen, an alleged incident – I Kidd You Not – known as Toiletgate.
  2. William moved to an army camp in Dorset, causing long-distance strain on their relationship.
    1. Also Spring 2007

      cat goes through After the breakup, fleeing the country to move to Ireland and clarify that her new motto is entirely “Thank You, Next”. Behold, Kate isn’t giving a shit:

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      Meanwhile, William ended the awkward interviews about their breakup:

      June 2007

      Kate reportedly began dating William’s best friend, shipping heir Henry Roppner. If this isn’t the last revenge, idk what is.

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      1 July 2007

      Kate attends a tribute concert for Princess Diana, seated a few rows behind William and Harry. Rumors of a reunion~ start swirling.

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      March 19, 2008

      Kate and William are officially back together! The happy couple is seen spilling some fresh powder on a ski trip. JK, they’re just, like, standing there.

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      April 2008

      Kate joined William at his RAF graduation ceremony. Looks very official!

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      October 2010

      Prince William and Kate Middleton have got engaged in Kenya. “We had a little private time with some friends, and I just decided it was the right time,” William said. “We’ve been talking about marriage for a while, so it wasn’t a big surprise, but I took her to a nice place somewhere in Kenya.”

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      November 16, 2010

      William and Kate announce the engagement, and the couple gives an ultra-cute engagement interview:

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      April 29, 2011

      William and Kate’s wedding! Jai Ho!

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      July 9, 2011

      Kate and William get their PDA at a polo match:

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      22 July 2013

      Kate weds the sassy icon known as Prince George:

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      2 May 2015

      Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte. Wow!

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      March 14, 2017

      William causes a low-key scandal while dad-dancing on a ski trip in Switzerland without Kate.

      The footage shows William resting his hand on a mysterious woman’s waist, and apparently, Kate is not thrilled, according to a source. Vanity Fair“It was William’s choice to leave, but make no mistake, Kate wears trousers to her wedding and she will not be pleased with William’s antics. She thought her party days and hanging out with the boys were a thing of the past.” I think he would find it disrespectful and William would have come to stick.

      Wow, no quote has ever been more British!

      23 April 2018

      Kate gives birth to Prince Louis! Wow!

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      April 4, 2019

      in contact Publishes a report stating that Kate told William about having an affair with her family friend and newly minted “rural rival” Rose Hanbury. After the rumor spread, “pressure was put on by the palace,” reportedly.

      2 February 2020

      Kate and William attended the BAFTAs and sat through Brad Pitt making jokes about Prince Harry leaving the royal family and rebellious Wilson’s Prince Andrew. (If you want to see Will and Kate fast forward to 00:42 and don’t fret and don’t bother.)

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      According to sources in Fox News’ Neil Sr., Will and Kate were much more upset than the two-second clip. Shawn said that he was most upset by Rebel’s joke and “it didn’t match those smiling faces you saw in the final edited version of the show. A mole even told me that to make sure it wasn’t such a thing.” Don’t embarrass or make fun of the royal family at a prestigious event…”

      February 6, 2020

      After a testy year filled with welp, affair rumors and a major feud that devoured the entire family, Will and Kate are very close to getting them together with their hectic work schedules.

      Around August, 2021

      News breaks that William and Kate (who spent much of the pandemic at their country home) are considering a move to Windsor to be closer to the Queen and Kate’s family.

      June 17, 2022

      After a chill year filled with royal balcony looks and fancy hats, a source reveals daily mail The “investigation and gossip” about Kate and Wills’ relationship is false. “It’s just b******s,” says a friend in his circle. “They honestly couldn’t be happier as a couple. You can’t get a cigarette paper between them. They’re so tight, just inseparable.”

      Wills and Kate in June, 2022

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      Another source noted that “they spend all their time together. They have lunch together every day, they sit and watch TV together every evening. They go out and see their friends, but They spend too much time together and lead a very traditional married life. They are not a charming couple – they like their motorbikes but that’s about it. They are both very outsiders and every minute they spend their time with their children That’s what they really care about.”

      6 July 2022

      Kate and Wills have a very rare PDA moment while sharing a kiss at William’s polo match!

      The Duke of Cambridge attends the Royal Charity Polo Cup 2022

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      And that’s all for now!

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