Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Summer 2022 Vacation Plans

Summer is the season that means every celebrity has ever been roaming around Italy while the rest of us scroll through Instagram suffering from intense FOMO. And yes, even the royal family will be going on a fancy vacation we can all envy.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s kids have two months off summer vacation, explains royal expert Ingrid Seward Sun That they will make a trip to help George, Charlotte and Louis occupy the time.

“The three kids are incredibly sporty and, of course, so are their parents,” she reports. “The focus will be on outdoor activities, with swimming, fishing, walking, horseback riding and boating.”

Ingrid notes that the couple is likely to return to Mustique’s private island, saying, “It’s a long vacation so I suspect that Carole and Michael Middleton, as grandparents, may have taken the kids for a little summer.” They usually go to Balmoral to spend some time with the Queen and the rest of the family, and this year, I think they’ll even go abroad for a short time, maybe Mustique, because William and Kate want a change. of the scenes.”

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Wills and Kate haven’t been to Mustique since 2019 due to the pandemic, but they are known to live on the island in a villa with special staff and total privacy.

“William and Kate haven’t gone abroad with the kids much in recent years, other than a trip to Jordan in the autumn, so I think they’ll be itching to be back in Mustique this year,” Ingrid explains. “They have all the infrastructure they need there, they have no fly zones and all kinds of things so they can really have some privacy. Middleton is very helpful in all this and Carol organizes the Mustique trip. The family moved to Barbados in the summer when Kate was young and Pippa’s husband’s family, the Matthews, also has an exclusive resort in St. Barts. Although it is a bit warm and wet in the Caribbean at that time of year, there are many places you can visit that are relatively private. ,

Um, sounds amazing, and apparently they’re expected to go to Balmoral too. Jealousy doesn’t begin! to cover it up!

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