Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasol

Rachel Lindsay Chooses Not to Share Glimpses of Marriage to Bryan Abasolo Since Their ‘Public Contract Ended’

Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasol

Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasol

Rachel Lindsay / Instagram

Rachel Lindsay with husband Brian Abasolo after finding love in the most public way The BacheloretteNow she is choosing to be more intentional about what she shares about her love story.

Fans began to question Lindsay, 37, why she doesn’t post pictures with Abbasolo, 42 – whom she met The Bachelorette Married in 2017 and in 2019 – she explained her current social media policy in a blog post.

“Let me be clear, Brian is none of your business,” she wrote. “I’m kidding… half kidding. I completely understand the logic behind inquiry, curiosity, and interest. We met on a reality television show focused on finding love. Viewers Our story, our We’re in love and invested in our future.”

Lindsay continued, “So naturally, viewers want to know what we’re doing, if we’re okay, and what’s next for our future. They want the love story to still play to their public perception.” But our contractual public story, ended on August 7, 2017.”

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bachelor The Nation couple’s decision to stay off the grid – specifically Lindsay’s – came from public commentary following their engagement.

“Brian and I choose not to share too much. It mostly lies in the origins of our union,” Lindsay continued. “Meeting in such a public way allowed for a lot of inappropriate feelings and thoughts from completely strangers. We didn’t want those voices to be louder than the two actually involved in the relationship.”

Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé, Brian Abasolo "aol live"

Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé, Brian Abasolo arrive at “AOL Live”

Raymond Hall / GC Images

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To publicize the blog post, Lindsay uploaded an Instagram curation of some memories with Abasolo. He also shared a video of the pair taking a walk in a field, a snapshot of the couple in bed and a singing video.

Absolo commented, “😂😂😂 Wow, you went deep into collecting some of these! ️😘”

another Bachelorette The alum also shared his thoughts on the post: “Rnb real love,” wrote Mike Johnson.

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