Max Headroom, Matt Freever (as Max Headroom)

Reboot of 1980s series Max Headroom in the works from Halt and Catch Fire creator

Cyber-punk is back, baby.

AMC Networks confirms to EW that a reboot of the 1980s drama series Max Headroom, Work on featuring “the world’s first artificial intelligence TV personality” is underway.

hold on and catch fire Co-producer Christopher Cantwell is developing the project and is set to serve as showrunner. Actor Matt Frever, who played Max Headroom in several series and commercials in the 1980s, is attached to reprise his role. Spectervision will produce Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah.

For Cantwell, it is computer innovation and a return to the 1980s world. He confirmed the reboot news on Twitter, writing, “I interrupt this broadcast with a cyberpunk announcement of future epic post-proportion proportions. I’m writing a new Max Headroom series for @AMC_TV. Max. Starring Matt Freever as Headroom. Produced by the crazy minds of @elijahwood and Daniel Noah @_SpectreVision.”

The character of Max Headroom was first introduced in a British TV film in April 1985. Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the future, It offered an origin story for the AI ​​personality in which journalist Edison Carter (Freever) fled enemies in a parking garage via motorcycle and crashed through the structure’s warning sign that read “Max. Headroom 2.3 m”. Is.

Edison falls unconscious as a result of the accident, and an AI program is created based on his brain, named Max Headroom. Max becomes a TV host who challenges the status quo and globalization through commentary and sarcasm.

Max Headroom, Matt Freever (as Max Headroom)

Max Headroom, Matt Freever (as Max Headroom)

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that next time. appeared in Max Headroom Show, Which featured the character as a TV show host who produced music videos, commented on current events, and more. In 1987, he made the jump from British television to the US on ABC. Max Headroom, A two-season drama series that returns to Max’s original story and stars Addison Carter and Max as allies fighting against the status quo of the cyberpunk world.

It is an ABC series that Cantwell and AMC are developing as a reboot.

Max Headroom has since become a pop culture touchstone, appearing in commercials for New Coke and earning references throughout TV and music videos (see: Eminem’s “Rap God”) over the past several decades.

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