Royal Reaction to Possible 2nd Oprah Interview with Sussexes

Looks like the royal family is once again climbing overboard on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey. In case you missed it, the Sussexes were spotted driving into Oprah’s $100 million mansion in Montecito in June, prompting speculation that the royal couple is planning another interview. It is based on virtually nothing but travel photos published by daily MailBut apparently the royals are doing preemptive damage control.

Royal expert Daniela Elser says (via) the express) that the Palace is acting “out-of-character” and may be in “panic mode” on photos, and trying to do damage control by releasing an unnaturally impressive description of Prince Charles’ meeting with his granddaughter Lillibet doing. Queen’s Birthday.

“It was wonderful to see him. It was wonderful to see him back in the UK,” a senior royal source told reporters at the meeting. “The Prince and Queen were absolutely thrilled to see him. Of course, the prince hasn’t seen his grandson Archie for a while and so it was very special to spend some time with him. He had not met his granddaughter Lily, and so meeting her was very emotional, a very wonderful thing. ,

Daniela explained, “Six ‘Very’ in four sentences – this must be some kind of impressive record.” “The whole thing reads like an L.A. publicist would give a supermarket tabloid, not the kind of fare that typically comes from royal houses. Ask yourself this: When has the royal mouthpiece ever volunteered before?”

Chances are they may be considering going on another round with the billionaire TV host, with the fact that Harry’s memoir is due to be published in the coming months, suddenly throwing this all-out-of-character in a very different light. Makes me good,” he added. “Basically, are they trying to placate the Duke and Duchess; an appeasement strategy through a senior aide?”

Daniela also noted that the change in tone from Jubilee to the present, “was seen with the intention of sending a very clear message during the four-day suffocation of the royal house, where the Sussexes are now ranked in the pecking order. They cannot Has been an easy pill to swallow. Fast forward just a month to date and the tables look like they’re turning, Harry and Meghan look like they have some pretty powerful cards.”

I mean sure! But once again, Meghan and Harry may have been a casual hang out at Oprah’s mansion, so the royals should probably calm down.

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