Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa reunite in playful TikTok video after rumored feud

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa reunite in playful TikTok video after rumored feud

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa have reunited — and now everyone can go ‘cos there’s no drama to see here.

The couple, whose friendship has been the subject of much speculation amid a rumor, looked happy and close as ever in a funny TikTok video that only murders in the building Star shared. In it, they were playful and seemed comfortable together while joking about men.

At the end of the TikTok Challenge, he accepted the drama between them.

“He’s 10 years old but he hates your best friend…” Gomez said of a potential mate.

the Secret Life of the American Teenager The alum made a face, seemed annoyed by the idea, then took a left turn and quipped, “Oh, I hate that too sometimes.”

They both broke up and fell against each other and Gomez replied, “Honestly, fair enough.”

It’s nice to see them happy together. After all, the women were once so close that Raisa donated one of her kidneys to Gomez in 2017 a decade after they first met. Gomez, who has lupus, nearly died after the transplant, having to undergo a second emergency surgery to save her life. After recovery, the women made the donor’s story public.

While best friends — who referred to each other as “sis” — shared photos of the scars and praised each other’s strengths during challenging times (they both experienced post-transplant depression) , they reportedly fell out at some point in late 2018. The rumor mill was filled with speculation as to why they broke up, but neither spoke publicly about it. Because they were so close, the silence was deafening.

In 2021, it appeared that penetration had been made. Raisa took to social media to share about being an organ donor on World Kidney Day. While she didn’t tag or mention Gomez, Gomez shared it again and thanked Raisa for “blessing her,” adding that she was “always grateful.”

And then, well, bam. Now they’re making videos about BFFs and laughing about men like the past four years haven’t — and we’re totally here for it.

Earlier this week, Raisa told Yahoo Life about her health and wellness related to being an organ donor. She said that Gomez had to change her diet after donating her kidney, admitting that it was a “huge concern for me”. Read the full interview here.

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