Sydney Sweeney Channels 90s Pamela With Curly Updo

You know what time it is. Yes, it’s the sports personalities in your daily installments and Best An epic hair look. So far this week, we’ve seen Megan Fox cut her hair short for summer, Emma Watson’s French girl bob and Kim Kardashian’s 80s blonde mullet.

But there’s one hairstyle in particular that’s proving very popular this summer: the Pamela Anderson updo. You must have seen it all over TikTok and if not, then check out the time when Jennifer Aniston, Cardi B and Kim Kardashian all tried to do hairstyles themselves.

The latest celeb to rock this iconic look is none other than Sydney Sweeney. Posing on a motorcycle in a crystal crop top, glitter chain mail mini skirt and knee-high boots, excitement The star’s iconic outfit is matched with an equally iconic hairdo.

Like Pamela’s go-to hairstyle, Sydney’s hair is piled on top of her head and teased with lots of curls. But for a modern twist, hairstylist Florido Basallo added a cute bow to her hair.

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The iconic photo was taken by photographer Ellen von Unworth Vaughn Magazine, Sharing the picture on Instagram, Sydney wrote in the caption: “Thank you for having such an honor to work with the iconic @ellenvonunwerth ️”

To complete the look, makeup artist Melissa Hernandez drew on the perfect cat-eye flick and layered black eyeliner along the waterline for a more intense finish.

Another iconic look for books.

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