Taylor Swift's rep responds to viral report saying singer took 170 private jet trips so far this year

Taylor Swift’s rep responds to viral report saying singer took 170 private jet trips so far this year

Taylor Swift’s reps are speaking out after a recent report that the singer made 170 flights on her private jet in 2022.

Digital marketing agency Yard released a report on Friday, July 29, breaking down the top ten celebrities who claimed to have the most CO2 emissions from their private jets.

TODAY has yet to independently verify the report.

Topping the list was Taylor Swift, whose private jet reportedly made 170 flights between January 1 and July 19 this year. According to the agency, the flights were equivalent to 22,923 minutes in the air and the average flight time was 80 minutes. The flights were said to have emitted a total of 8,293.54 tonnes of CO2, which is 1,184.8 times more than the average person.

In a statement to TODAY, a Swift spokesperson said: “Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned to other individuals. It is totally wrong to attribute most or all of these visits to him.”

The agency conducted the report using information from the account @celebrityjets, The Twitter account revealed that it obtained data from an ADS-B exchange that claims to be “the world’s largest public source of unfiltered flight data” on its website. The data is called community source.

Yard said in its post disclaimer that the agency “knows that this list is not conclusive for the worst offenders.”

The disclaimer, which included a statement from Swift’s representatives, also said that the report is based on data from celebrities’ planes and “there is no way to determine whether these celebrities were on all recorded flights.” The agency said the rationale for the report was to shed light on the environmental impact of the use of private jets and flights.

There was a mixed reaction on social media amid the claims of the report. While some users defended the singer, others called out Swift for the impact these flights can have on the environment.

“Taylor Swift made history this year as the artist with the most CO2 emissions. She is the first female musician to do so,” joked one person Twitter,

another fan tweeted“So clearly Taylor Swift has racked up the most CO2 emissions of any celebrity using her private jet, and has made 170 trips this year alone. Girl, you’re making it harder and harder for me to protect myself Are.”

In defense of Swift, a fan tweeted“It’s the LMAO of 2022 and people still think they can cancel Taylor Swift like they did in 2016 … on her jets that are regularly loaned out to other individuals? Kind of being serious. .

“Blaming individuals for CO2 emissions does nothing to change the industries that are really causing problems,” another Twitter user wrote, “Yeah Taylor probably could have done better, but most people could. The real changes that the changes will bring are much bigger than Taylor Swift’s private jet.”

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