The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez, Grayston Leonard Are Engaged

The Bachelor Bekah Martinez Is Engaged To Boyfriend Grayston Leonard After Almost 5 Years Of Being Together

Bekah Martinez and Grayston Leonard. Courtesy of Bekah Martinez / Instagram

off the market! graduate nation Bekah Martinez and his longtime companion, grayston leonardofficially engaged.

“Yes “The bachelor The 27-year-old alum shared photos of the pair embracing while displaying their new bling via Instagram on Saturday, July 9.

Martinez — who has been dating the 33-year-old Long Beach Rising founder since 2018 — showed off her thick gold band and heart-shaped diamonds before extending heartfelt congratulations to several of her fellow Bachelor Nation alums.

“Congratulations, Beka!!! I, jade roper Instagram replied via comment, first Becca Tilly, Ashley Iaconetti, Amanda Stanton And Kendall Long Best wishes to you.

“LOVEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI I’m so happy for both of you,” Long, 30, insisted on Saturday.

“Chatty Broads” podcast cohost rose to fame as a contestant Ari Luendik of the Bachelor, which aired in 2018. Shortly after her reality TV stint, she got engaged to Leonard and they started dating in February. Three months later, Martinez learned that she was expecting her first child. Daughter Ruth was born in February 2019, before son Franklin eventually followed in July 2020.

The Bachelor Bekah Martinez Is Engaged To Boyfriend Grayston Leonard After Almost 5 Years Of Being Together

Grayston Leonard and Bekah Martinez. Courtesy of Bekah Martinez / Instagram

While raising two young children together, the college student and Leonard were contemplating their romantic future.

“We just want to take some time for us,” Martinez said exclusively. us weekly in December 2020. “A lot has happened about children in the last three years. We’re like, ‘Okay, maybe we can make up something about ourselves,’ but we want to wait until COVID is over. We want, like, a big wedding and can’t really do that right now. ,

She continued at the time: “I love kids. I love the whole house. I’m one of five kids, and that’s just what I love. My body needs a break, and we’re talking about exploring parenting options so we can be a home to other kids, even if it’s only temporarily.

Although Martinez said “yes” to the gym owner’s romantic July proposal, it wasn’t the first time she’s raised the question.

“Winning how my boyfriend will propose,” she captioned a TikTok video last month. “Remember he proposed to me three years ago and I declined but still took pictures.”

After fielding curious followers, Martinez reveals that her fiancé first proposed shortly after Ruth arrived.

“I was like, ‘This is so cute but it’s not time now. I’m still super hormonal. I’m in the thick of postpartum.’ And also, like, our relationship was still not in the best place,” she recalled in her June social media message. “We had a lot to solve, a lot we had to talk through. Now I am ready to say yes. So, we’ll see what happens. I look forward to an offer sometime in the near future.”

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