‘The Flash’ star Candice Patton says she didn’t feel protected by show when she faced racist online harassment

TV’s Candice Patton flamboyantOnline harassment says — and not feeling protected by the show — almost prompted her to leave early.

The actress who played Iris West since 2014 said open up podcast that she didn’t feel safe from racist and toxic fans by The CW or Warner Bros. TV. She also struggled on set, not realizing that she received the same treatment as her white co-stars. The “very toxic” situation left her “severely unhappy” and she considered leaving during Season 2.

“Now people understand it a little bit better and they understand how racist fans can be, especially in style, it’s all wrong, but at the time it was exactly like, ‘Yeah, there are fans like that, but who Be it too,” recalled Patton.

“Even with the companies I was working with, The CW and Warner Bros., I think it was their way of handling them,” she continued. “We know better now. It’s not okay to treat your talent this way, they have to go through abuse and harassment. But for me, in 2014, there was no support system. Nobody was looking for it . It was free range. To abuse every day.”

“There was no social media protocol to save me,” Patton said, adding, “It’s not enough to make me your leading lady and say, ‘Look at us, we’re so progressive. We checked the box.’ Because it’s great, but you put me in the ocean alone around sharks… I can eat here alive.”

Patton said there should be people in positions of power who “understand my experience and understand the black experience, the black women’s experience who can say, ‘Okay, she needs protection.’ Whenever you hire someone who is any kind of minority, you have to be prepared to protect them. Because in the real world, we are not safe. Just because you gave us a fancy Hollywood TV set Or put on a movie set with hair or makeup, and you believe we’re safe, we’re not safe.”

Patton said it was “like getting pulled over by a white cop at 2 a.m. in Jackson, Mississippi. Do you think he gives as s*** that I’m from Candice Patton flamboyant, It does not make a difference that. We still need protection because the world sees us in a certain way. So when I step on set and everyone working around me is white – everyone working around me is white – I’m not safe. I will never be protected. This doesn’t mean that everyone has bad intentions, but they do have blind spots. He has a lot of blind spots and this may have contributed to my loss as well. It has been a learning experience, I’m sure, for companies and corporations and productions.”

Patton said it was the “day-to-day stuff” in her workplace that frustrated her more than the hate tweets from “Joe in Indiana.” He cited examples of how his publicist had to request flamboyant The Instagram account follows her – when all her white artists were followed.

“It was tough,” she said. “I wanted to leave the show at the beginning of Season 2,” she admitted. “I remember I can’t do this. I’m not going to make it happen. I don’t want to be here. I’m seriously sad. Many of the reasons I stay – a, I was under contract – still have me Felt a huge responsibility because the fans loved this character and it was such an iconic casting and such an iconic role. I knew how much it meant to so many people that I felt a responsibility to be in one place and one happened in a place that was probably very toxic to my mental health.”

Patton now says years later, “It’s leveled off more.” She also credited her “tough situation for making it so… There’s a level: don’t f*** with me. I’m not meant to play… It came from fighting my way out.”

The actress said that she loves her character a lot, but she is nothing like him and felt that her identity was swallowed up while in the role. For that reason, the ninth “will likely be my last” – although added a “never say never”.

Patton said leaving the show, which ended its eighth season last month, is to “dissociate myself from it”. flamboyant And Iris West and this identity… while I’m so grateful and so in love for her and for the show and what it’s done for my life, it’s my own… identity and my own growth. All you need is to lay him down to rest and move on.”

As for his counterpart’s fate, “I think a part of him needs to die so that I can live,” she said.

Representatives for The CW and Warner Bros. TV did not respond to requests for comment.

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