The Secrets of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s Love Story

Especially if dressed up or playing in head-to-toe Steelers gear Dungeons & Dragons Is No her thing, the way, say, getting ready for her Vanity Fair Oscar party. That’s right, Manganiello is a die-hard fan and in case you couldn’t tell from his social media accounts, an official D&D Advisor.

“All my friends play. All these big directors, comedians, actors? We all play,” he wrote in an op-ed for NBC News. “My trainer of the past eight years, a CrossFit champion—6’2, 245 pounds of solid muscle—is the fanciest encyclopedia of fantasy novel information you’ll ever find.”

The actor continued, “I now work as a consultant for Dungeons & Dragons, which is the job I wanted to do as a kid, and as a result of that relationship, I did something for their adventure module.” Wrote the material that will be released next year. Also, the game is how I got cast in my latest film, violent conduct“He tied up D&D with the director of the film, Brad Peytonwhich a. interested in making D&D film and Peyton noted that he still needed to land a role in his ape-run-amok blockbuster which also starred dwayne johnson,

Vergara, however, may be hanging out at Comic-Con, and she went there with fan-favorite Manganiello in 2018, after which they made their first trip together in their native Colombia. He’s one of his favorite double-date-night couples, Ferguson and . shared the summer fun with Justin MikitaWho was celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary at that time.

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