‘The Voice’ Fans Are Losing It After Kelly Clarkson Made Fun of Blake Shelton in Hilarious Instagram

It’s True, Kelly Clarkson Won’t Return Sound For Season 22 later this fall, that doesn’t mean he has plans to stop making fun of Blake Shelton.

in respect of The Kelly Clarkson Show Concluding its latest season, American Idol The alum flipped through a yearbook and reminisced about the good times with the more than 1,000 celebrity guests who stayed. “Season 3 is coming to an end and it’s definitely one for the books,” the daytime TV host said in an Instagram video. what’s more, The Kelly Clarkson Show The yearbook also includes fun facts, which filmed 180 episodes, performed 169 Keleaux performances, and earned nine Daytime Emmy Award nominations.

As viewers will know, Kelly also won funny praises on her show and the figure reminded her of a particular country music superstar. “I participated in 28 games and I only won 15 of them,” she said. “It must be the spirit that Blake has Sound, ‘Cause you know, I was there for eight seasons and won four, so 50% of the time.

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back in may, Sound announced their coach lineup for the 2022 season, which included Blake, John Legend, returning coach Gwen Stefani and newcomer Camila Cabello. The NBC singing competition was notably absent from the show’s roster, which first appeared on the series in February 2018. However, the “Since You Been Gone” singer has not publicly commented on her departure. SoundShe had previously indicated that her work schedule would change to spend more time with her children (8-year-old daughter Rivers and 6-year-old son Remington).

Responding to Kelly’s hilarious quip towards Blake, Sound fans immediately took The Kelly Clarkson ShowLet’s also comment on Instagram to laugh with him. Unsurprisingly, people also expressed their views about her not having a red chair anymore, but hoping that she would one day return.

“@blakeshelton Shots fired! ,” wrote one person. “Like the ‘Blake’ comment! (I really love Blake, but he was funny!) I will miss you with Blake on The Voice! Hope you return next season! ️,” added another. “Kelly you’re awesome!! I hope you’re back on The Voice soon!!! Blake wouldn’t be able to survive without you!!! ️❤️,” said a different fan.

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So, what is Kelly up to now? Sound, a new season of The Kelly Clarkson Show, According to an Instagram video, The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 4 premieres in August and it will be even better than the last. ICYMI, The Kelly Clarkson Show and Kelly won Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show and Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, respectively, at the 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“We’ve put together a show that can let people run away and be happy,” Kelly said throughout the YouTube video. “It’s been nice to highlight all these amazing, rad human beings around the world and it’s been really, really fun because I think we need to. It’s my favorite part of this season and every season.”

Who knows, Blake might stop to say hello to September when Sound Return!

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