What That Post-Credit’s Visitor Means

[This story contains spoilers for the season finale of Ms. Marvel.]

majority of Ms. Marvel Fans aren’t going to be surprised by the cameo, but the season finale appearance came at just the right time.

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It seemed pretty clear since the opening moments of the Disney+ series starring Iman Vellani as a teenager, who idolizes Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, that the Avengers, played by Brie Larson, would make an appearance. was going to make And of course, she does in the post-credits scene.

Kamala Khan (Vellani) collapses on her bed at home after overcoming the damage control department, suddenly overcome by a burst of energy that seems to emanating from her bangle. Having destroyed a part of his room, Kamala is gone, and Captain Marvel appears in her place.

Denver (Larson) looks around the teenager’s room, which is more or less a superhero temple, and immediately realizes that something bad has happened. Obviously, the two switched locations, and it’s another good bet that Marvel is likely to be in a dangerous and cosmic situation.

The screen then goes black, followed by: “Ms. Marvel will return miracle,

It was already common knowledge that Kamala would appear in a sequel to Captain Marvel next summer, but the post-credits scene sheds some light on what the plot could be, or at least shows that she will be in the film. How to Open: Trying to locate Denver and likely save Kamala from the dreaded situation she was torn into on the exchange.

Something to tease more than just show off Captain Marvel’s slick new costume miracleThe cameo was incredibly satisfying because it didn’t weigh down the series. Ms. Marvel It was so gripping because it revolved around Kamala trying to navigate her own life as a strange teenager while trying to explore her newfound powers. What’s more, there was normal MCU action and pageantry. It was cut short enough to tell Kamala’s story. Yes, he’s got help from others to deal with the damage department, but if Captain Marvel should have arrived too soon to save the day, it could be argued that the cameo would have already undercut the entire series. It was Kamala’s adventure to complete it before the other Avengers swung into action. In such a situation, Captain Marvel reaches at the right time.

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