Kurt Russell is all tears after this

Goldie Hawn’s lifelong partner is Russell. Russell, 71, and Hawn, 76, have been together since 1984’s “Swing Shift.”

Russell raised Hudson and Oliver after their biological father, Bill, abandoned them.

Russell doesn’t have Instagram, so he used Hawn’s. It said, “I showed daddy, honey. His message…”

Russell wrote, “Birdie, mama just showed me this Father’s Day gift. Never before. Wow… Killer. Many miles travelled… It’s hard to see since water got in my eyes. You’ve made me the luckiest dad ever, honey.

“I love you, Pa,” he wrote.

Last year, Hudson told Willie Geist about growing up in a blended family and how that affects how she raises her children, Ryder, 18, Bingham, 10, and Rani, 3.

She said, “I have several dads and kids everywhere.”

“Estrangement is widespread,” she said, referring to her troubled connection with her biological dad. “I think people should discuss it. If they can’t reconnect or it’s too difficult, that’s OK, right?

She continued, “It’s 41 years old.” “My family is wonderful.” Mom is lovely. My stepfather showed me what it means to have a solid father figure. We didn’t know our dad, though.

“As I’ve gone through… I glance at my dad and say, “The love never left.” Always there, despite problems. Healing is personal, and I think people need to know they’re not alone.

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