7 Bears who impressed during the first week of training camp

7 Bears who impressed during the first week of training camp

The Chicago Bears have concluded their first week of training camp. It consisted of four drills, including three in front of fans at Halas Hall. There was no shortage of story, which involved impressing the rookies and moving along the offensive line.

While the Bears haven’t put on the pads yet – that comes next week – there were some exceptional performances during the first week of practice. Be it a legend or a player looking to be an immediate impact, there were some encouraging performances on display.

Here’s a look at seven players who impressed during the first week of training camp practice:

CB Kyler Gordon

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After missing a few springs, rookie cornerback Kyler Gordon has made a massive comeback at the start of training camp. Gordon has demonstrated his versatility, looks both on the outside and on the nickel back, and he has impressed in both roles. Gordon has also been a turnover machine, including some impressive picks from quarterback Justin Fields during the week. It is becoming clear that as a rookie, Gordon will be a huge contributor to the Bears, regardless of the role he plays.

They said this: “He’s just a freak athlete. Some plays he does, it’s not even his man. He’s coming off his man, plays on the ball. Just see how comfortable he is. He’s smart. He’s willing to learn. He talks less, takes everything in. When you have a guy like this, you know he’s going to be special.” — Gordon on Bear Safety Eddie Jackson

s jacan brisker

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Security Jaquan Brisker stood out in a huge way, and it was evident during the first week of camp. Like fellow rookie Gordon, Brisker has been a takeaway machine since joining Chicago. He has just one knock for the ball, whether it’s a pass breakup or a takeaway. His best game came during Friday’s practice, where he demonstrated his instincts in jumping a route and took a pass from quarterback Justin Fields to tight end Cole Kemet. Brisker looks like he’s going to have a problem with opposing offenses this season.

They said this: “Some guys are fast, but they don’t know how to control the body to make plays. He has that great body control, and you can see that adjusting the ball in the air to make an interception, alley. Adjusting in when the runner changes his angle to slow down, speed up and maintain the inside angle to run into the lane and make hits. So, he’s done a lot. Take a look. It’s clear on the tape that his Have it.” — Matt Eberfluss head coach at Brisker

QB Justin Fields


Quarterback Justin Fields is in his first training camp as the undisputed starter, and he’s already made waves during the first week. Fields has impressed with his deep ball, where his relationship with wide receiver Darnell Mooney and tight end Cole Kemmett is on display. His release and footwork have also improved significantly. That doesn’t mean Fields hasn’t been without his mistakes, but he has responded well. While Friday’s practice got off to a rough start with two interceptions for rookies Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker, Fields ended the team’s period with 10 straight contests during 7-on-7 in a huge way. returned.

They said this: “That’s what’s so special about him. Forget the athletic part. The guy, the kind he attacks every single day and leads by his attitude and example, he doesn’t ask anyone to do anything What he doesn’t expect from himself. The guy is a born leader-type guy, so we’re lucky to have a guy who’s leading this thing.” – Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy on Fields

WR Wells Jones Jr.

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Outside Darnell Mooney, the wide receiver room appears up for grabs. So it’s certainly encouraging that rookie-wide Welles Jones Jr. is already impressing in the camp. Jones is showcasing his impressive 4.3 speed and ability to play. Jones was one of the lone bright spots on an otherwise unimpressive Saturday for the offense. He caught two deep deliveries from the fields, including an over-the-shoulder catch from quarterback Justin Fields, going against cornerback Kyler Gordon. The Bears don’t shy away from trying to get him to play multiple positions and grab various opportunities including on special teams.

They said this: “They’re taking me from Z, F, X. They want me to know everything, so it’s been really fun working with my QBs and things like that. But they know my abilities. They know my abilities.” Know the reasons why they drafted me. I’m really good with the ball in my hands. Wherever they need me, I’ll just be there and execute.” – Wide receiver Welles Jones Jr.

WR Darnell Mooney

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We’ve heard about the connection between wide receiver Darnell Mooney and quarterback Justin Fields, but it was especially evident during the first week of practice. Mooney has been taking some impressive catches, including a catch on Thursday, when he went up and caught a pass from Fields surrounded by a defensive back. Mooney breaks free for a long touchdown. Mooney has been Fields’ top target this summer, and he continues to show why he could be in for a breakout year.

They said this: “Darnell is an impressive guy. I love his approach. I love his mindset. I love the way he strikes the class, and then on the field, he’s all business, and then he’s all of those guys.” Does a good job of leading. He’s not like an outspoken person by any means, but he does a great job of leading by example, and then having really good conversations with those people and then bringing them together He’s someone we’re definitely going to count on this year, for sure.” -Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy

Te Kol Kmet

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Tight and Cole Kemet could be in for a big year if these first camp practices are any indication. While we’ve heard a lot about Justin Fields’ relationship with Darnell Mooney, we saw the chemistry between Fields and Kemet this week. There was a play on Friday which was really different. Fields found Kmet for a big advantage down the seam, where Kmet caught the ball between two defensive backs. It was the best game of the day, and it is the result of Fields and Kemet continuing their synergy this off-season. Kemet has shone in the passing game, and we’ll see what he can do with run blocking when the pads come next week.

They said this: “He can do a lot of different things. The thing I love most about football players is that they are people who can do a lot of different things, and that makes them more valuable to the offense. And makes it more dangerous to defend. Cole is one of those guys who has that resilience.” – Kmet. On Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy

WR Equinimus St. Brown

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Equinemius St. Brown is lost in conversation at wide receiver. But the former Packers wideout made a strong impression in the red zone during the team’s first week of practice. On Friday, St. Brown caught three touchdowns from quarterback Justin Fields, including two during an 11-on-11 red zone drill. One of them came rookie cornerback Kyler Gordon, who has been impressing this summer. It certainly helps that Luke Gates approaches St. Brown’s Chicago with an understanding of the ongoing offense, but he has shown his potential as a major threat in the red zone.

They said this: “The way his training camp went last year, where he didn’t make the team and (he was brought back a month into the season), I just turned a guy into a pro, and his mindset, the kind From what he attacked every day, I was very impressed with, as in, how he handled adversity.” – Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy at St. Brown

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