Brian Windhorst explains why Sixers are winners of the offseason

Brian Windhorst explains why Sixers are winners of the offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers quickly made their move into the offseason when it was finally time to continue growing their roster. James Harden was able to have some financial flexibility with his $47.3 million exit from player option and he went to work.

Philadelphia PJ Stole Tucker in his free agency debut from rival Miami Heat and then brought on Danielle House Jr. on a deal after he played for the Utah Jazz. Both Tucker and House Jr. are expected to play some very important roles for Philadelphia with their defensive ability and their 3-point shooting.

Now that Harden has re-signed, the Sixers are considered one of the winners of the offseason, and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst had this to say about Philadelphia and the move they made:

Because of the contract Harden signed and the maneuvers he performed, they were able to add three important pieces to their roster. PJ Tucker, D’Anthony Melton, Danielle House without subtracting any. Danny Green was traded, but he was going to be around for it for a whole season or so. Then again, you see the same sort of thing. They have their stars back and they’re adding to it and so it’s good to see you move on.

Of course, the moves they make come with risks. After all, Tucker is 37 years old, and there’s no guarantee he’ll be the same player he was with the Heat. However, on paper, the additions the Sixers made should push them in the right direction and make them serious contenders in the East.

With that being said, it will not be handed over to them. The Boston Celtics made it to the NBA Finals and they got better, the Milwaukee Bucks are going there again with Khris Middleton recovering, and the Brooklyn Nets are an obvious wild card, but they have a ton of talent. The Heat lost Tucker, but they always seem to find a way to shut their noses even in conversation.

Either way, the Sixers will be in the mix to reach the finals for the first time since 2001. They have arguably the best roster during the Joel Embiid era, as they move forward with this roster.


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