Celtics’ projected depth chart with Malcolm Brogdon, Danillo Gallinari

Celtics’ projected depth chart with Malcolm Brogdon, Danillo Gallinari

The Boston Celtics entered their 22nd final and went on to avenge their loss to Golden State in six games. After taking a strong 2–1 hold on the series, the Celtics went on to lose the series when they could not generate enough offense to cross. Stephen Curry and warriors.

in acquisition Malcolm Brogdon And danilo gallinariThe Celtics have increased their firepower and hopefully some of the scoring burden will be removed jason tatum And Jaylen Brown, who are hoping to take another step towards becoming one of the best pairings in the NBA. His supporting cast will need to figure out how to help him get over the hump by being more consistent.

point guard

starter, Marcus Smart

depth, Malcolm Brogdon, JD Davison

Marcus SmartThe heart and soul of the Celtics won the Defensive Player of the Year award and played 71 games for Boston last season. He has mostly been sustainable, playing 81.7 percent of the possible games in his career. his new friend, Malcolm Brogdon, however, is notorious for missing games that have played just 70.4 percent of its schedule. Brogdon’s entry into the rotation will give the Celtics another ball handler and should ease the pressure for wings like Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

shooting guard


starter, Jaylen Brown

depth, Peyton Pritchard

Jaylen Brown, who would like to receive his second All-Star selection after missing out last season, could actually improve in his defense of the ball. He averaged 2.7 turnovers per game over the past two seasons, but that number rose to 3.1 during Boston’s 2022 finals run.

After a short slump, Peyton Pritchard He needs to show improvement in his third season in the NBA coming off the bench.

The inclusion of Brogdon would make the Celtics Smart/Brogdon/Brown or Brogdon/Brown/derrick white lineup

small step forward


starter, jason tatum

depth: Derrick White, Sam Hauser

at the age of 24, jason tatum The cornerstone of the franchise, and after another great season, could be in the mix for MVP next year. Other teams in the East will be gunning for Boston, but Tatum should take his game to another level, especially after gaining valuable finals experience. derrick white Minutes will be magic for Tatum, but the Celtics’ backcourt and short forward positions are interchangeable, so we can sometimes see Brown short ahead, as well as either danilo gallinari or white. Celtics recently gave Sam Hauser A three-year deal, and he’s hoping to grow into a more consistent three-ball shooter.

power forward

Danilo Gallinari, Atlanta Hawks

Danilo Gallinari, Atlanta Hawks


starter: Al Horford

depth, danilo gallinari

While no longer the All-Star caliber player he once was, Al Horford can still defend himself, and is one of the smartest big guys in the NBA these days. Tatum’s power forward is expected to slide to the spot as the lineup gets smaller, but don’t be surprised to see a healthy dose of Danilo Gallinari, as he should give the Celtics another weapon to place on the floor.


Robert Williams, Boston Celtics

Robert Williams, Boston Celtics

Gregory Fisher – USA TODAY SPORTS

starter: Robert Williams

depth: Grant Williams, Luke Koorne

Robert Williams Came on his own last season, but was once again battling injury problems. Anyway, he made his first all-defensive team and was in the running for the Defensive Player of the Year. Given his track record in health, the Celtics would be smart to oversee Williams to ensure he is available for the playoffs. Grant Williams Proved that he could deliver meaningful minutes in five minutes if Robert got hurt.



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