CJ McCollum highlights difficulties Steph Curry presents on defense

CJ McCollum highlights difficulties Steph Curry presents on defense

McCallum explains how hard it is to defend Steph Curry, originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayria

It’s easy to be fascinated by how Steph Curry plays the game of basketball. Her consistent pace, textbook shooting form, and the fact that she’s fundamentally sound in almost every aspect of the game make it feel almost “stefortless.”

But it begs the question: how exactly is it trying to protect him? Well, New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCallum has the answer.

“It’s very tough,” McCullum said candidly during the Warriors’ final summer league game. McCallum also mentioned how the Warriors’ system, Curry’s ability to make his own shots and stretch the defense to the halfcourt, and his stamina is what makes him special.

Additionally, McCullum shared what the opposing teams’ defensive gameplans are like when playing Curry and the Warriors.

“You have to throw different bodies at him; it’s not something you can put up with just one person,” he said. “He’s a galaxy, he’s a planet, he’s a solar system. Everything revolves around him.”

McCullum concludes that overall, the game plan is to reduce his openness as it is not really possible to stop him. Paired with Klay Thompson, the “Splash Brothers” are arguably the toughest guard combo to stop in the league and while Klay’s incredible shooting has a lot to do with it, Curry’s shooting skills are on another level.

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Earlier this year, Curry broke a 3-point record at Madison Square Garden, and the entire team is attempting 3-pointers because of Curry. Without him, the “3-point revolution” probably never would have happened, which is fair to say even for the Warriors’ four championships.

At the end of the day, Curry changed the game of basketball even though the opposing defenders wished he hadn’t.

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