Cubs' David Ross apologizes for 'double birds' to pal Joc Pederson

Cubs’ David Ross apologizes for ‘double birds’ to pal Joc Pederson

Ross ‘Sorry’ for the Double Birds Caught on TV to Pedersen Originally Appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

SAN FRANCISCO — When Cubs manager David Ross woke up Friday morning in San Francisco, texts on his phone weren’t coming in as fast as Ross finger memes and GIFs were flying through Twitterverse.

Tweet tweet?

“The double birds need to be addressed first,” Ross said before asking a question as he opened his daily pregame session with the writers on Friday.

Ross’s camera double-finger salute to friend and former Cub Jock Pedersen of the Giants at the start of Thursday’s Cubs-Giants game went viral before the birds landed.

“Yeah, he was just making a joke,” said Pedersen, who tried to suppress the form of a grin and refused to reciprocate when he spied Ross. “No. I won’t get it.”

At least not on camera.

“I definitely should have known better,” Ross said, issuing an unsolicited apology. “It was my hello to a friend of mine on the other side and just got caught on camera.

“I don’t want a child to give a bird to anybody,” he said. “I do not want this organization or the way I represent myself or my family. poor taste. Sorry this was caught on TV. ,

At least it was well received by its intended recipient.

“It definitely got the person’s attention,” Ross said with a smile.

Before anyone asked, the greeting had nothing to do with Mike Trout’s Fantasy Football League, Pedersen said.

Pedersen spent just 3 1/2 months with the Cubs last season before he was traded for the first time in the Cubs’ nine-man deadline selloff, but he made a lot of friends in that short time at the clubhouse and Ross. was one of his favourites.

The feeling seems mutual, with Pedersen praising Ross’s management skills, along with the fact that he “communicates really well.”

especially non-verbally.

“You’re funny.”

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