Dustin Johnson barely clears burn with drive on 18 as he, Scheffler falter late

Dustin Johnson barely clears burn with drive on 18 as he, Scheffler falter late

scheduled tribe. ANDREWES, Scotland – With the fairways baked and breakless, an often employed strategy off the tee on the Old Course is to land your ball and let it run.

But in the beginning you need to get it still in the air.

Dustin Johnson almost skipped that latter part on a par-4 18 on Saturdayth, With Fairway Wood in hand, Johnson hit a scooter 282 yards down the fairway. The ball, however, barely came off the ground and barely cleaned the burn in front of the tee.

Did he top?

“No comment,” laughed contestant Scotty Scheffler.

DJ Drives Top On 18th Hole, Hardly Burns, Still Birdie

Johnson also did not comment, as he did not speak to the media after his round.

But Scheffler offered little insight.

“Yeah, he walks away and he’s like, ‘Wow, tried to hit it low but didn’t mean to try to make it low. I don’t know if he topped or not. We were walking out to the tee, and the DJ looks at me, and he goes, ‘Man, I forgot to take the cover in there,'” Scheffler said.

“It burned for like 10 yards.”

Johnson ended up making a birdie on the hole, as did Scheffler. It was the conclusion of what a day for both the players. Schaeffler scored 3 under 69 and finished at 11 under. Johnson made a card of 71 and was a stroke ahead.

Full-field scores from the 150th Open Championship

Rory McIlroy and Victor Howland scored 150. shared a 54-hole lead inth Open Championship in 16 Under. Scheffler and Johnson could have been very close.

Both men were 11 holes from 12 under, but Scheffler had two bogeys and was the only birdie coming. Johnson bogeyed numbers 13, 14 and 16 before running his narrow in the last. Para-5 14. but his shotth Hare and came after putting it in a bunker.

“I felt like we played really well and then fought and ended up with a birdie on 18,” Scheffler said. “We were kind of going there hand in hand.”

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