Former Browns QB Brock Osweiler has a new job

Former Browns QB Brock Osweiler has a new job

His time in Cleveland didn’t last long, but who could forget the Brock Osweiler era with the Browns?

Osweiler has now hung up his NFL cleat and moved on to a new role. UPI. Per Al ButlerOsweiler has been appointed by ESPN as the College Football Analyst for the upcoming season.

Osweiler had a brief but very interesting stint with Brown in 2017. Cleveland traded a fourth-round pick to the Houston Texans in that 2017 NFL Draft to help the Texans take down Osweiler. Brown was also a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and a sixth-rounder in 2017 to help the Texans dump Osweiler’s big contract. The second-round pick became Nick Chub.

The unusual trade put Osweiler in a position to compete with Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan and second-round rookie DeShone Kizer in the summer of 2017. Kizer eventually won the job and Osweiler was released ahead of the (winless) regular season. Osweiler had another season in Denver and a stint with the Miami Dolphins in 2018 and hasn’t played in the NFL since.


Brock Osweiler’s cost of doing business expensive for Brown

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