Giants face 'pretty challenging' situation with looming Thairo Estrada move

Giants face ‘pretty challenging’ situation with looming Thairo Estrada move

The Giants to Face Tricky Situation with Imminent Move to Estrada Originally Appeared on NBC Sports Bavaria

SAN FRANCISCO — It was a night of mostly celebratory action at Oracle Park, but in the bottom half of the fifth, the Giants experienced perhaps their scariest moment of the season.

Thyro Estrada went down after taking a pitch from the helmet and was promptly removed by Giants coaches and manager Gabe Kapler. Estrada was still feeling dizzy after the game and Kapler said he felt some pressure on his left side. The young infielder is likely to go to IL on Sunday for a 7-day concussion, which leaves the Giants in a tough spot.

They are already without Brandon Crawford, who is on the IL with knee swelling and still has a few boxes to check in the rehab process. The only other shortstop on the 40-man roster is Donovan Walton, but he was placed on the Triple-A injury list on Thursday.

“Quite challenging,” Kapler said when asked about the status of the roster.

The Giants replaced Jason Vosler at shortstop after Estrada’s departure, but this was his first appearance in the position since 2015, and the infield defense nearly cost the Giants in the ninth inning of a 5–4 win over the Chicago Cubs. . The Giants are planning to get a real shortstop on Sunday and a likely substitute is Isan Diaz, a former Miami Marlins who has primarily played second base but has also made 11 starts at shortstop this season.

Diaz hit his 20th homer of the season on Saturday and has already moved to San Francisco once as a member of Taxi Squad. Some legends who have seen Diaz play in Sacramento recently say he can handle short and will bring energy to the big league roster. The only real hurdle is that he’s not on the 40-man roster, but that’s easily fixed.

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The Estrada injury occurred when Mark Leiter Jr. lost control in a 0–1 change and it caught Estrada flush to the left side of his helmet. He immediately fell into the ground and grabbed the left side of his head. Estrada lay in the dirt for several minutes, a stunned look on his face as trainers Dave Groshner, Anthony Reyes and LJ Petra examined his head and neck. Estrada was able to stand on his feet but needed help walking off the field. He was taken straight to the clubhouse for the test.

“It didn’t look like he[lost]consciousness and we had no clue that he did, although his eyes weren’t great,” Kapler said. “He was quite shocked.”

Estrada has done his best for Crawford, playing solid defense and posting over .800 Ops in the month of July. The Giants had plans to bring Crawford to a rehab game and test his knee in the coming days, although an injury to Estrada could slightly change the timeline.

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