Heat trying to acquire more picks to trade for Mitchell or Durant

Heat trying to acquire more picks to trade for Mitchell or Durant

The Miami Heat is one of the top contenders for both Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant (KD notably puts the Heat on his two-team list).

They’re nowhere close to a deal for either, and draft picks are part of the issue.

The Miami Heat can currently trade two of their first-round draft picks. That number could go up to three if the Heat can strike a deal with the Thunder to replace the safety on its 2025 first-round pick (that pick is currently lottery protected if it doesn’t mark the first year as unsafe in 2026). .

Two is not enough in the Donovan Mitchell Sweepstakes. The Jazz are submitting draft picks for a rebuild and they’ve got just four first-rounders in the Rudy Gobert trade (plus a 2022 first-round pick in Walker Kessler) – they want more for Mitchell. The Knicks have a maximum of eight picks in the first round that they can trade, which is why they are at the forefront.

Two first-rounders are not enough to land Kevin Durant, although the Nets focus more on the players and not just the selections.

That’s why the Heat are looking for deals to add draft picks, said Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report on his Please Don’t Collect This podcast. There are no details on how this will happen.

While adding likes makes sense, it may not be enough.

Any Heat trade package is based around Tyler Harrow and Duncan Robinson, plus the picks and other players (Bam Adabio is off the table, and cannot be traded in the nets until he transfers Ben Simmons) Because the mysterious rule is not to trade for (two players at max rookie extension).

In Mitchell’s case, the fact that the Heroes deserved a contract extension this offseason — and will be a restricted free agent in 2023 if there is no extension — gives the Jazz pause. Especially considering Hero is asking for maximum contracts. While he may not get the absolute maximum, he will deal with a great number. The rebuilding Jazz isn’t looking to add it to their payroll just yet – which is why they’re not interested in a trade in RJ Barrett to the Knicks (Barrett, too, is up for a big new contract). Robinson has already signed his extension and has four years to spare, with $74.4 million left on it (there is a player option last year).

In Durant’s case, the Nets want an All-Star and there is talk with league sources that they are humming a Hero and Robinson package, even with more picks.

Never count Pat Riley. He has a way of being unpredictable – and seemingly impossible. And there’s a reason the heat is in the mix for both the players.

But to do anything, the Heat need more of a first-round draft, and they’ll come with a steep price tag.

Report: Heat trying to gain more likes to trade for Mitchell or Durant originally appeared on NBCSports.com

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