How Joey Bart's inspiring message to Giants fueled miraculous walk-off win

How Joey Bart’s inspiring message to Giants fueled miraculous walk-off win

Yaz Shares Bart’s Motivational Message That Promoted Walk-Off Win Originally Appeared on NBC Sports Bavaria

Talk about a flair for theatrics.

With bases loaded one by one in the bottom of the ninth, Giants right fielder Mike Yastrzemsky swung onto the first pitch watched from Milwaukee Brewers close Josh Haider. Not only did Yastrzemski connect on 96-mph fastball, but he also crushed the game-winning Grand Slam, giving the Giants a dramatic 8-5 victory and sending the team and fans home happy.

“We put in a lot of good batsmen at the end,” Yastrzemsky said postgame. “It’s one of those things where we were going into the ninth and felt like something special was going to happen.”

Overall, three Giants scored home runs in the ninth: Joy Bart, Darin Roof, and the aforementioned Yastrzemsky. Although fans will remember Yastrzemski’s home run to secure the win, Yastrzemski says Bart did something in the dugout during the sixth inning that helped set the team on fire.

“Guys, we’re three runs down. We’ve got to be aggressive, let’s go, we’re not down to 15,” Yastrzemsky recalls Bart saying. “For a boy who is as young as he is, he showed a lot of maturity… for maintaining that mindset, much credit is given to him.”

Speaking to reporters after the game, Bart downplayed his role in igniting the Giants’ return.

“No, I didn’t say anything, I don’t even know where he’s coming from,” said Bart. “To be honest, I told Kurt something [Casali] Just like ‘hey we have to go’ between me and him. As a youngster, I don’t think it’s really my role to try and speak. I was feeling the same way at that time.

“Like, ‘Hey, it’s not over yet. Let’s go, let’s find a way to win’ and the magic definitely happened.”

It looks like Bart said something, but it’s not clear who picked it up other than Casali or it was just a long game of telephone. Regardless, I guess you could say that the young catcher at least put on a winning performance, right?

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The Giants are looking to continue it in game three Saturdays at 4:15 p.m. PT at Oracle Park.

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