‘I’d set him straight;’ Chuck Cooper III on JJ Redick’s plumbers and fireman comments

‘I’d set him straight;’ Chuck Cooper III on JJ Redick’s plumbers and fireman comments

Former NBAer and current podcaster JJ Reddick drew considerable backlash from many of the all-time greats who had played the game, with Reddick himself reaching a degree of fame when he suggested that Boston Celtics Hall of Fame point guard legend Bob Cousy play it. kept. In the late 1950s and 1960s he gave gaudy statistics as he played with ‘plumbers and firemen’.

Not only did Coozie clap on the comparatively short and imperfect, but his one-time rival and partner, Jerry West, clapped as well. Added to those voices was former Celtics standout Chuck Cooper, the son of Chuck Cooper III. In an appearance on the CLNS Media “Celtics Lab” podcast, Cooper took issue with Reddick’s characterization of the league in which his father also played.

“I’d love to be on a show with JJ Reddick,” the younger Cooper offered. “I’ll set him straight back on those.”

Check out the clip embedded above for a full conversation with the Celtics great’s son on this old but still clearly controversial topic.

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